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button-down collars (the more you know…)

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If you didn’t know yet, we’re a bit obsessive about collars. Honestly, we think it’s the single most important component of a dress shirt. We spend a lot of time first making sure the stand and shape are just right and then the fun part comes in where we design a variety of collar types, so that you can build a versatile wardrobe.

Today let’s discuss the button-down collar. You probably have at least one button-down collar shirt in your closet, but do you know how the history behind this collar type? These shirts were actually created in 1896 for polo players, as a way to keep shirt shirt collars from flapping in players’ faces while riding their horses. Ah, smart! Because these collars have historically been associated with sport, they’re typically considered a more casual shirt. Sure, we think pairing our Summer Crush with shorts and boat shoes in warm weather is perfect, but who’s to say you can’t dress up our Sal (actually one of our most popular shirts) with a knit tie and blazer?

Hugh & Crye Button-Down Collars

Our medium sized button-down collar has just the right amount of interlining so it creates a perfect roll. This roll is a great feature of these collars so however you wear these shirts, we just have one piece of advice: keep the buttons buttoned please. Think of it as one no-brainer way to look pulled-together. We also like to play around with different styles so in addition to our classic OCBD’s we’ve also made spread button-down (like the green checked Senna) and club collar button-down shirts (like the whimsical Punch Stache). Shop these and all our button-down collar shirts here.

Check out more photos of guys wearing the Hugh & Crye button-down collar and show us how you wear these shirts by adding your own photos on our Tumblr:

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(images above: Nick Wooster, polo players)