Casual Cotton Blazers

We’re excited to introduce the new Casual Blazer Collection—our first series of cotton blazers in six colorways. Inspired by the nature and history of rural Maryland, the Seneca blazer features a simple, unlined design, rounded patch pockets, and working surgeon’s cuffs.

Made from 100% brushed cotton, the Seneca undergoes a special garment-dye wash that gives it a soft, muted tone. The end result is a blazer that feels like your favorite worn-in sweatshirt, and fits like a tailored suit jacket.

Casual BlazerCasual BlazerH&C_471NAME-KH-editorial1

We paired our Casual Blazers with our OCBDs for this editorial photo shoot in Poolesville, a small town in rural Maryland near Seneca Creek.

Casual Cotton Blazers
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