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Hugh & Crye Fit Finder sizes – Short, Average, Tall, Skinny, Slim, Athletic, Broad

FitFinder is here!

If you didn’t already know, Hugh & Crye’s dress shirts are based on the shape of the torso to create a better fitting shirt for lean and athletically built guys. Our shirts have a fit that’s near or as good as bespoke but without the cost and timely wait, and with the convenience of off-the-rack shopping. Today […]

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Hugh & Crye Boardwalk dress shirt

Comfort matters

(Hudson from Washington, DC in our Boardwalk shirt) We’ve been at it – shirtmaking that is – for about 3 years now. And while we know we’re far from mastery of the topic, we’re ever learning, and improving our craft. Broadly speaking, we think about 3 components to each collection of shirts we launch: 1) fit, […]

Hugh & Crye, dress shirts adjusted for inflation

Have you ever rummaged through an old trunk of your parent’s clothes, or a vintage clothing store? And have you then ever found that really awesome piece–a jacket maybe, or a dress–and the label says its just your size? And did you try it on only to find that it’s way, way too small? That […]

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Before & After

Long time customer Jonathan W., from New York, sent us a couple of pictures recently that we really liked. They’re a great example of the fit problems our shirts solve. Take a look. As you can see, Jonathan’s old shirt is totally shapeless, and he has some nasty #sleevefat going on. Jonathan rocks the Senna […]

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What's Your Size?

At Hugh & Crye we’ve always taken fit very seriously. We’re constantly fine-tuning our fits to make sure that they’re perfect and we’re adding sizes too. We really believe that sizing by the shape of your torso is a much smarter way to fit shirts. We work hard to make sure we have the right fit, […]

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When shirts don't fit

When you spend all day around shirts like we do, you start noticing things about fit. Very quickly you learn to identify when a shirt fits just right and when it doesn’t. We unfortunately come across ill-fitting shirts often enough that we even started naming some of the most notorious offenders. We like to call […]

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What's in a name?

If you’ve ordered with us recently, namely a shirt from our new collection, it’s likely you did a double-take once you received your shirts in the mail. We made a slight change in the naming of our various fits – but the sizes are still the same, as you’d expect them to be.

This happened.

We’re catching up with all of the fun customer stories sent to us, or witnessed first hand, and this has to be one of the most… unique.

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Andy from Alexandria, VA sends us this picture of himself, wearing the Trafalgar shirt. There’s no way around it: he looks great for his age, and we’re glad to have him wearing a shirt that actually fits, and not a parachute that billows in the wind. Thanks, Andy! You wear it well.

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A Testimonial, Back Sweat, and our Referral Program

Thank you, Eric (from Atlanta) for this kind and hilarious email. Yes, Brooks Brother’s Extra Slim Fit doesn’t cut it. We’re happy you found us… but about that back sweat, we feel your pain… DC was built on a swamp and the single reason we’re welcoming the fall weather.