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Rick from Ambler, PA

My dad (above, Rick from Ambler, PA) is not a tie guy. As an interior designer, he makes a career of dressing up homes, not himself. His day to day wardrobe consists of polo shirts and jeans.  Ties only come out for weddings, and as for suits he has one navy and one grey. That’s […]

Flip cuff

Steve G. from Washington DC, in the Carolina shirt, worn with a simple single flip off the cuff.  

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"Ugly" Contest Winners Announced!

We’re thrilled with the response to our “Ugly Shirt Contest” – photo submissions of the most ill-fitting shirts that we all own. We thank all of the participants (see gallery below) for their humility, commitment to better fitting shirts, and interest in Hugh & Crye. The top three were very close! But alas, winners were […]

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Hugh & Crye Styled: Stripes Templar

I could sit in an airport all day. Coffee and newspaper in hand, I love watching different people mill about in an atmosphere that is never monotonous. My favorite part? Studying airport fashion (how to dress when potentially sleep-deprived, making a first impression, or trying to pick up that attractive individual seated in seat C). […]

Hugh & Crye Styled: Lavendario

Lavendario is quickly becoming my favorite Hugh & Crye shirt. It could be because of the awesome rounded collar, but let’s be honest it’s probably because of the compliments I get from women on the street each time I wear it. Since the Lavendario shirt is cut from a fine lavender end-on-end fabric, with a […]

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Hugh & Crye Styled: School Night

Following in Jenna’s footsteps, I was asked to create my own Hugh & Crye Styled collage and I really lucked out with School Night. A shirt that’s reminiscent of one of my favorite eras (hence the Eames lounge chair), it evokes a sense of street cool that you just don’t really see anymore. What I […]

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Customer Profile: Jack G.

1) Tell us about yourself! I was born in Allentown, PA, but raised in Takoma Park, MD. I spent my days in the tree-loving city playing soccer and basketball, going to movies, and just kicking it with friends. Life was good. Like the previous poster, I’m also a product of Montgomery County schools. I attended […]

Customer Profile: Herb H.

Hey everyone! My name is Jeff Mindell, and I’m excited to join Hugh & Crye as a Marketing Intern. One of the things I’ll be working on is sharing customer stories – real customers, not friends and family, and no bribes were offered. Let me know what you think by commenting below!   Our first […]

Guest post: a skinny and satisfied customer

H&C’s skinny shirts stand out from the competition.     In our lives, certain facts are inescapable, and certain words, either through their accuracy or sheer repetition, come to define us.  Physically, at least, I’ve always been defined by two words: (1) skinny and (2) short (there was a time, pre-adolescence, when “cute” also applied, […]