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Grown Men Eating Ice Cream

Two grown men eating ice cream cones in the DC heat. Sure, it’s a little bit awkward (especially when a beard is involved), but it’s also pretty funny. After a team lunch at Union Market to celebrate the launch of our Kickstarter, James and Andrew couldn’t resist grabbing a cone from Trickling Springs Creamery. Hilarity ensued…  

We launched on Kickstarter!

With your help, we hope to crowd-fund the production of our new H&C Fitted T-Shirts on Kickstarter. Learn more about our story by watching the video above! And let us know what you think of our latest project by reaching out on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. –Team Hugh & Crye

T-shirt kickstarter

Made in USA T-Shirts on Kickstarter

Introducing the H&C Fitted T-Shirt! We took our signature 12 sizes and created a T-shirt unlike any other—it’s soft, fitted, and made in the USA. We launched a Kickstarter on Tuesday to help crowd-fund the production of these tees, and the response has been incredible (70% to goal already)! We’re blown away by the support of the H&C community and guys looking […]

Collar Stays You’ll Want to Show Off

Here at Hugh & Crye, we’re big on product experience. That’s why we introduced 3D custom collar stays. Sure, we were eager to get our hands on a MakerBot Replicator 2 no matter what (it’s like magic…seriously), but we also wanted to offer our customers the opportunity to personalize a product. And you guys did not let us down. From Wu-Tang to romance, we’ve printed some […]

New Ties, Made in DC

We’re excited to announce the arrival of a limited edition collection of square-end ties that are all made in the USA. Learn more about what goes into making one of these beauties and get a behind-the-scenes look at our production studio below. As always, give us a shout on Twitter or Instagram using #hughandcrye, and let us know what you […]

Two ways to fold a pocket square

Watch as Hugh & Crye team members Carl and James show you two of their go-to pocket square folds. Don’t see a fold you like? Drop a line in the comments below or tweet us and let us know what you’d like to see! -Team H&C

Hugh & Crye Team: Meet Matt

I’m from… I was born and raised in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada. So yes, that means I use kilometers instead of miles, Celsius instead of Fahrenheit, and I know all of the words to God Save the Queen. In the last ten years I’ve also lived in Calgary, London UK, and most recently Toronto. After three awesome years […]

Hugh & Crye Team: Meet Carl

I’m from… Kind of all over really.Im 28 now and have lived in 12 different places in my life. The most time I’ve been in one place was my childhood. I grew up on an Air Force based about 45 minutes south of Seattle called McChord AFB. Since I left Washington, Ive moved an average […]

That night we did an impromptu photoshoot at 1776

Carl, wearing “Hampden“, washed button-down in the teal colorway. At 1776, a hub for all things entrepreneurial in Washington, DC.

The making of a clothing brand

In case you missed it, our founder, Pranav, recently gave a Creative Mornings talk here at the Washington, DC chapter back in December. Google DC hosted the event, and it was a packed house. Click through the image below to watch the video, and below it are pictures from the event. Enjoy! – Team H&C   […]

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