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Hagen at the office

Jared from McLean sent us this great pic of him wearing Hagen as he said, “Just your typical day at the office – Rocking the Hagen…reading up on The Land Down Under.” My kind of office, and are those cowboy boots? Well played Jared.

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Shoomaker + Merckx

Co-workers Eric and Dustin looking sharp in their H&C shirts — Shoomaker and Merckx, respectively.

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A Wedding on the Rio Grande

Jesse A. from Albuquerque, NM sends us these beautiful pictures from his wedding on the banks of the Rio Grande. Jesse, like most grooms that wear Hugh & Crye for their wedding, chose Brummell’s Preferred. Love the look he put together for himself – pin-dot grey tie in what looks to be a light wool fabric, […]

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The Price Men

Ilona from Elk Creek, VA sends us this awesome picture of her Brother and Dad wearing Hugh & Crye.  Her Brother, on the left, is wearing BSD, and her father on the right, is wearing Gordon Gekko. Looking good fellas! And lucky you to have Ilona in your lives!  

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Hagen at the Lourve

Al B. (from Mclean, Virginia) packed a few H&C shirts for his recent vacation to Paris and Rome. Here he is wearing Hagen outside the Louvre. Thanks for sharing Al!

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Who said girls can't wear H&C?

Anne Marie from Washington, DC proves everyone wrong, rocking Hagen in Short/Skinny.

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Election year

Larry from Philadelphia, PA, wearing the Barack shirt. Awesome fit, and the tall collar looks great! We’re pretty much sold out on the Barack shirt, but we’re bringing it back. Being that it is election year and all, you know. #itsgoingtobealongyear

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This happened.

We’re catching up with all of the fun customer stories sent to us, or witnessed first hand, and this has to be one of the most… unique.

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Andy from Alexandria, VA sends us this picture of himself, wearing the Trafalgar shirt. There’s no way around it: he looks great for his age, and we’re glad to have him wearing a shirt that actually fits, and not a parachute that billows in the wind. Thanks, Andy! You wear it well.

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A Testimonial, Back Sweat, and our Referral Program

Thank you, Eric (from Atlanta) for this kind and hilarious email. Yes, Brooks Brother’s Extra Slim Fit doesn’t cut it. We’re happy you found us… but about that back sweat, we feel your pain… DC was built on a swamp and the single reason we’re welcoming the fall weather.