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Hey everyone! So, Facebook has eased its policies for brands holding contests, and we’re going to be moving #ThankYouThursday back to its rightful home – on our Facebook page. Look for posts every Thursday, right around noon EST, for the weekly giveaway. Thanks! – H&C :: #ThankYouThursday For over a year, we’ve given away a […]

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H&C #ThankYouThursday-Williamette

#ThankYouThursday: “Willamette”

Today we have the Williamette for our #ThankYouThursday giveaway. Our Willamette shirt is a soft poplin fabric with a Teal, Grey, and White gingham pattern. It also features our  Tall-Spread collar  which works great professionally or casually and with a variety of tie knots and sizes. Style this shirt with your favorite classic blazer and tie,  or untucked over a pair of navy […]

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#ThankYouThursday: “Loire”

Today we have the Loire for #ThankYouThursday: Our Loire shirt is cut from a mulberry and white gingham poplin for a subtle but daring take on a classic dress shirt pattern. It also features our  Tall-Spread collar that is both classic and debonair. Style this shirt with a pair of khaki chinos and a charcoal blazer or with […]

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#ThankYouThursday: “Larsen”

Today we have the Larsen shirt for #ThankYouThursday: a Grey poplin.  The Larsen shirt is part of our sea-inspired collection of small point collar shirts, made from a beautiful poplin fabric from Tessitura Monti, the famed textile mill of Italy. The cuffs are mitered and convertible – they can be buttoned, rolled up casually, or dressed up and worn with […]

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#ThankYouThursday: “Badlands”

Today we have the Badlands shirt for #ThankYouThursday: a washed casual shirt in a brown and blue plaid poplin. We love this shirt, and all of the washed casuals, for how wearable they are – throw it on denim or shorts – a quick upgrade from a t-shirt or polo. It’s gone through a special wash that leaves the garment […]

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H&C Ambassador

#ThankYouThursday: “Ambassador”

Today we have the Ambassador: a tall point collar shirt in a luxurious blue stripe 140s thread-count poplin. This will easily become your new favorite work shirt. Just pair it with your favorite suit or L’Enfant Buggy-Back Blazer. This shirt is classic, refined, and powerful – just like an Ambassador should be and just like you’ll feel wearing […]

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Hugh & Crye #ThankYouThursday Ragtime

#ThankYouThursday: Ragtime

This week we have Ragtime – a black and white gingham shirt with a semi-spread collar. Named for the “Ragged” or syncopated  rhythms in American styles of Jazz and Blues, this shirt is made from a silky 120 thread count Egyptian Cotton poplin. Pair this shirt with one of our printed vintage ties and jeans for a […]

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#ThankYouThursday Rockefeller

#ThankYouThursday: Rockefeller

Today we have the Rockefeller – a blue bengal striped shirt made from 100% 2-ply 120s Egyptian cotton. This is a true business man’s shirt business and will keep you looking sharp all year round. Pair it with lighter colors in the summer (like below) or with a dark suit later on. This classic shirt features our signature […]

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#ThankyouThursday Piedmont

#ThankYouThursday: Piedmont

Happy 4th of July! Today we have the Piedmont – a royal blue and white gingham shirt with a tall-spread collar. This shirt is made from a soft and light-weight poplin, and has cuffs that are both mitered and convertible. Piedmont might be the perfect shirt to wear to a summer BBQ or wedding. Pair it with shorts and roll up the […]

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Hugh & Crye #thankyouthursday Biscayne

#ThankYouThursday: Biscayne

This week we have the Biscayne – a teal and green plaid washed casual shirt. Named after the National Park in Southern Florida, this shirt is perfect for brightening up your weekend wardrobe. It’s made from a poplin fabric that has gone through a special wash so it feels extra soft and comfortable. It also has a casual, small […]

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