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Ask Hugh & Crye Video Series

Send us your questions!

Over the years, we’ve fielded many questions. Some simple, others not so much (e.g. “When will you start making pants?”). In order to answer your inquiries, we’ve launched a new video series cleverly called #AskHugh&Crye. A rotating cast from Team H&C will be here every week addressing any and all of your questions regarding fit, style, trends, and anything else […]

Guide to Dress Shirt Collar Styles

We recently launched six new styles as a part of our revamped Classics Collection—a selection of timeless, fitted dress shirts in solid white, pink, or blue. Cut from beautiful two-ply 120-count poplin, the new Classics feature crisp collars and refined finishes like brass collar stays and mother-of-pearl buttons. In order to highlight the difference between each our of new Classics, […]

Two ways to fold a pocket square

Watch as Hugh & Crye team members Carl and James show you two of their go-to pocket square folds. Don’t see a fold you like? Drop a line in the comments below or tweet us and let us know what you’d like to see! -Team H&C

The More You Know - Hugh & Crye

Gussets (the more you know…)

Today we’re focusing on gussets, an important part of our dress shirt construction. First, a quick definition: the gusset is the little piece of triangular fabric sewn in where the side seam meets the hem of the shirt. That’s it. Gussets are just one aspect of shirt construction that we really care about and we […]

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The More You Know - Hugh & Crye

Collar Stays (the more you know…)

It’s not that menswear is simple (which honestly is kind of what I thought when I first began this job), but its brilliance lies in the details. The small things, that maybe an untrained eye doesn’t notice, make a big difference. Collar stays (sometimes known as collar bones) are the little torpedo-shaped pieces of plastic or […]

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The More You Know - Hugh & Crye

button-down collars (the more you know…)

If you didn’t know yet, we’re a bit obsessive about collars. Honestly, we think it’s the single most important component of a dress shirt. We spend a lot of time first making sure the stand and shape are just right and then the fun part comes in where we design a variety of collar types, so […]

The More You Know - Hugh & Crye

Our Mitered Cuff (the more you know…)

We hope the reference to NBC’s PSAs from the 80s gave you a little chuckle. We’re starting a new series here, on this blog, called “The More You Know”. They’re meant to be a light-hearted yet informative perspective on our shirts, menswear, style, and more. We hope you enjoy them – and of course, we’ll […]

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