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Alex Delany wearing Hearst

Hugh & Crye & The Pantalones

Photo Credit: Matt Mance As a shirtmaker it’s always great to see your product being worn well. So it’s pretty exciting to have a guest #WIWT from Alex Delany of My Pantalones. Alex dresses up our Hearst banker stripe cutaway with a tweed jacket and vintage tie for a fresh fall look. Check out his site for […]

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What I Wore Today #WIWT 5/15/2012

DC’s Rainy Season District residents know that this is the time of year when the weather has a mind of its own. Poke your head out one minute and it’s bright and sunny, the next minute, it’s pouring down rain. This tends to have an unfortunate effect on a Washingtonian’s attire–blues and blacks that are […]

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What I Wore Today #WIWT 5/13/2012

Business Casual Done Right In today’s workplace, the term “Business Casual” is almost an anachronism, or at the very least it has come to mean baggy khakis; clunky, square-toed shoes (with a clunky matching belt!) and sloppy polos or parachute shirts. It just doesn’t have to be this way, and we think there is something to […]

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#WIWT TC wearing Senna

What I Wore Today #WIWT 5/9/2012

Sport Shirt = Smart Casual This time for #WIWT we have TC wearing our Senna green sport shirt on his lunch break. Our button-down sport shirts are a great smart casual option for a day in the city. They have the crispness and fit of a dress shirt, but the button-down collar and bright offset check pattern give a […]

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Phil and Pranav in Little League

What I Wore Today #WIWT 5/8/2012

Real men wear pink. We say this at the risk of sounding douchey AND self-aggrandizing. But there is a truth here. Pink compliments any age and every skin color. Pink instantly communicates a healthy self-comfort, and an assured presence. And of course, next to blue and white, it is the most commonly sought dress shirt […]

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What I Wore Today #WIWT 4/23/2012

The Legislative Shirt This time for #WIWT we have Phil wearing the Legislative shirt. The Legislative is cut from a light two-ply poplin in a green and navy on white check pattern. It has a cutaway collar (small profile and wide spread, with collar stays), contrast gussets (that little triangle of fabric that connects the front and back panels of the shirt) and our signature […]

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What I Wore Today #WIWT 4/19/2012

The Mall and Game Shirts Today’s #WIWT has TC wearing The Mall shirt. The Mall is cut from a light two-ply poplin in a blue plaid pattern. The Game is its sister (or is it brother?) shirt and comes in an orange plaid.

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What I Wore Today #WIWT 4/17/12

Introducing “What I Wore Today” When we launched H&C a few years back, we were hesitant to serve as style advisors. The reality is that we can’t escape it! People ask us on the daily how to wear our shirts. We hear the following all the time:

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