Collar Stays You’ll Want to Show Off

Here at Hugh & Crye, we’re big on product experience. That’s why we introduced 3D custom collar stays. Sure, we were eager to get our hands on a MakerBot Replicator 2 no matter what (it’s like magic…seriously), but we also wanted to offer our customers the opportunity to personalize a product. And you guys did not let us down. From Wu-Tang to romance, we’ve printed some real gems over the past year and decided to share our favorites, all submitted by clever H&C customers.


Top Ten Custom Collar Stays

  1. Protect ya neck
  2. BAMF
  3. I am loved
  4. Danger zone!
  5. 303-xxx-xxxx (yes—somewhere there’s a guy using his collar stays as calling cards.)
  6. Always and forever
  7. Started from the bottom
  8. Who dares wins
  9. XOXO
  10. Carpe diem

Inspired? Show us your wordsmith skills and design a pair.



Collar Stays You’ll Want to Show Off
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