Decoy Pays It Forward

It’s been exactly two months since our launch event and we were treated by a visit from Decoy, who you might recall as the artist behind a mind-blowing mural that matched a cleverly-written (“Who Gives A Shirt”) shirt-donation box.

Decoy came with two apprentices who work for her regularly. The reason for her visit was simple and thoughtful, and we loved it: the kids would get a behind the scenes tour of Hugh & Crye, and leave with a shirt of their choice.

Sebi, a junior in high school, left with a Short/Lean “Brummell’s Preferred.” He reminded us that wearing dress shirts in high school is a fashion faux pas and therefore decided on a classic tall-collar that can be worn at his next big event. Chuck, a design student at Maryland, chose a Tall/Lean “Grape Drink.” He loved the unique color, buttons and small collar. And the versatility of the shirt – the fact that it can be worn both casually and in more business-y settings.

We had a great time meeting Sebi and Chuck, and wish them well. We hope it was as rewarding for them as it was for us. And a special thanks to Decoy, who we know has a heart as big as her talent.

– Hugh & Crye