Announcing the District Shirt Drive

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We’re thrilled to announce the District Shirt Drive!


You know about our work with Martha’s Outfitters: a promotion to get 10% off orders, and helping dress at-risk individuals and job-seekers. We took it a step further.

What is it?
The District Shirt Drive (DSD) is a DC-metro wide campaign to collect 1000 shirts (and men’s clothing in general) for Martha’s. Though we bring Martha’s a steady stream of donations every month, men’s clothing is in constant demand, and we recognized we couldn’t (and more importantly shouldn’t) go it alone.

How does it work?
The DSD involves partnering with companies in the DC-metro area that want to help us reach our goal, by hosting a clothing drive at their offices. Hugh & Crye sets up as many collection areas as needed at the partner company’s offices. For a recommended period of 10 to 21 days, employees are encouraged to donate their gently-worn men’s clothing, and also sign up for volunteer opportunities across the most pressing need areas at Martha’s Table.

Wins all around
By participating in the DSD, companies get to introduce their employees to service opportunities that directly impact individuals and families in the District. Martha’s Table develops relationships with local companies that care. And we (Hugh & Crye) love the opportunity to introduce our brand to Washingtonians in a more meaningful way.

Stay tuned for more information on the DSD, including our first partner organization! If you’d like to be involved, please get in touch.

Hugh & Crye