Hugh & Crye Boardwalk dress shirt

Comfort matters

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(Hudson from Washington, DC in our Boardwalk shirt)

We’ve been at it – shirtmaking that is – for about 3 years now. And while we know we’re far from mastery of the topic, we’re ever learning, and improving our craft. Broadly speaking, we think about 3 components to each collection of shirts we launch: 1) fit, 2) style and 3) comfort.

The first point is (we hope) obvious to you: we’re fanatical about fit, especially for lean and athletically built men. And we approach style by asking ourselves a very simple question Will I want to wear this shirt a year from now?  Now for the third component, Comfort, we have a simple belief: you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style.

The Seattle Times reported that “folks in our nation’s capital are the most willing to suck it up in the name of style. In D.C., the percentage of clothes shoppers who don’t care at all about comfort is nearly triple that of Seattle’s.”

Our customers in our hometown of D.C. definitely don’t fall into this 16.6% – because we don’t let them. Of course we’re passionate about our fit and construction of our shirts, but the materials we use are just as important — and this is obviously a big part of the comfort-factor.

All of our shirts are made from 100% Egyptian cotton, most in two-ply fabrics with up to 140s yarn counts, resulting in shirts that are both luxurious and durable. Learn more about our shirt fabrics.

You’ll look amazing in our shirts because of the fit, and modern classic style.

You’ll feel amazing, too.