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From our launch in December of 2009 to date, I can say being an “entrepreneur” has been an amazing experience.

That said, there are many misconceptions of entrepreneurial life (read: you don’t have one). The misconception that comes up most often is “oh, it must be awesome to take vacation days whenever you want”.

There’s some truth to the perceived flexibility implied in that statement. A startup environment is certainly a bit more forgiving compared to the corporate world in some ways. Yes, there’s no need for face value, or 8am starts. But, you actually take less time off, and you’re pretty much always working. Always on your phone, always thinking about work stuff. Work work work.

The tragedy (if I may call it that) is the bubble that you live in. Days blur together, and you frequent the same lunch spots and see the same small group of people. It’s like the Matrix, without the hot sweaty goth parties.

Team H&C was pondering this recently (the bubble of startupdom, not hot sweaty goth parties).

We’re an ecommerce company, so of course there’s a lot of time behind the computer. But getting out of the office… we almost forgot what that means. You know, exploring our city. Checking out that new exhibit at the one-Smithsonian-we’ve-never-been-to, or trying out any one of the new restaurants that has popped up.

Thus was borne, #FieldTripFriday

#FieldTripFriday, at best, is a weekly jaunt into the real world around us. We put our laptops to sleep, turn over the shop sign that says we’ll be back in a few hours, and head off somewhere, anywhere… out of the office.

Today we went to the US National Arboretum, which was a mere 15 min drive from Georgetown, and offered beautiful fall colors. Check out some of the pictures below.

Of course, we’d love to hear about your own recent explorations! Share a picture or story – we’d love to hear from you.

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Have a great weekend,

— Pranav, on behalf of Team H&C