Friday Style, Issue #4

Happy Friday! This week’s issue is all about our new products: USA-made square-end ties and vintage lapel pins. A lot of guys aren’t sure how to “accessorize,” so we made sure to showcase a few ways to take your style up a notch without going HAM on the adornments.

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Get the look (from top to bottom): Philip is wearing a McComb Slate blazer, the Bellevue shirt in white, a vintage lapel pin, and suede driving loafers. James is wearing the new Albuquerque tie in Ikat print paired with the Loire shirt, a navy L’Enfant blazervintage lapel pin, and Frye double monk-strap shoes. Matt is wearing Biscayne, a teal and green plaid washed casual shirt, with slim grey chinos and Tom’s. Carl is wearing the Nostromo, a small spread collar shirt, Lee jeans, and Hawkings McGill boots. Pranav is wearing Fescue, a new Made in USA tie, paired with the Fairlawn in blue poplin. Grant is wearing the Chalky, a contrast club in purple and blue stripe, and aviators.

P.S. James like to jump.



P.P.S Carl is “parkouring”




Friday Style, Issue #4
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