Friday Style, Issue #7

This week was full of firsts: We launched our first Kickstarter. To fund the first T-shirt available in our 12 signature sizes. Which will be the first complex H&C garment produced in the USA.

Needless to say, things have been pretty exciting around here!

So, for this week’s Friday Style, we wanted to wear the new H&C Fitted T-shirts made in the USA. We headed out to Union Market and shot some photos after a delicious team lunch. Take a look and share your own style on Instagram using #hughandcrye.

Phil in Mallow
T-Shirt Style
Friday Style
T-Shirt Style
Andrew in Even Gray
Friday Style Carl
Matt Laugh
Carl Jump

Get the look (top to bottom): James is wearing Heraldic Blue. Phil is wearing Mallow. Jessica is wearing Even Gray. Matt is wearing Azure Blue. Pranav is also wearing Azure Blue. Andrew is wearing Even Gray. Carl is wearing Mallow.

p.s. We just reached our goal! And only three days after we launched! Thank you to the H&C customers and backers that made this happen! Stay tuned for more updates…

Team GIF

Friday Style, Issue #7
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