#GoodPeople: Chris Svetlik

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“I have developed a weird obsession for designing and formatting amazing spreadsheets. Which, as it turns out, are unexpectedly graceful tools for making all kinds of decisions intelligently,” shared Republic Kolache founder Chris Svetlik, when we asked about something that’s made him think about something differently recently.

He admits it’s an incredibly dorky answer, but he would put the tabular spreadsheet down as one of the all-time greatest products ever designed. An interesting statement from someone who plays Shutterbugg by Big Boi, to dance when no one is watching.

Chris Svetlik

The last time Chris smiled so big it hurt was, unexpectedly, when seeing an amazing performance by Zenen Zeferino, the great maestro of Son Jarocho music. “Never will you hear a louder, more robust singing voice from such a petite man,” said Chris.

While Chris used to play music a lot more seriously himself, he’s been fairly dormant recently in terms of playing in front of people, and finishing songs. So he’s trying to push himself to get back to it, as he grapples with devoting time to his business. It’s one of the things he’s most afraid of not getting the chance to do.

[pullquote]It’s one of those situations where the cost to the giver is quite low, relative to the value for the receiver, and I do my best to try to pay it back where it’s helpful.[/pullquote]

If Chris could give a gift to anyone, he would give advice to someone just getting started out in food, design, photography, or running a business. He’s had a couple dramatic career shifts, and at every turn he has a big debt of gratitude to the industry folks who have been willing to sit down to provide a lay of the land, poke holes in his blustering confidence, and generally point him in the right direction. “It’s one of those situations where the cost to the giver is quite low, relative to the value for the receiver, and I do my best to try to pay it back where it’s helpful,” he elaborated.

When it comes to his business, Chris is pretty pleased so far with the rollout of his new Pulled Pork Kolache online, so that’s what he’d get a blue ribbon for this week. Because he gets to practice design and photography much less these days, product launches are always a treat for stretching those muscles again. “And, all the better if done though producing content that makes people hungry for BBQ,” he stated.

So, it’s no surprise that food is what brought Chris and one of his newest friends together. “I’ve met a ton of great people since being somewhat randomly thrust into this industry last year, and a good meal is absolutely a lingua franca,” he shared.

[pullquote]A good meal is absolutely a lingua franca.[/pullquote]

We were curious what Chris was wearing to all these meals: “My approach to style has definitely moved more in the direction of clothes that are fine if they get stained,” said Chris. But he bought a watch from VOID last year that, after a long search, is finally the one he was looking for. It’s truly beautifully designed and classic, without being pretentiously so, making it his most prized clothing item. And, so it seems that Chris has found himself surrounded by good eats, good people, and good accessories. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Keep in touch with Chris on Twitter, and join him for Kolache Saturday to experience the national pastry of Texas.

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#GoodPeople: Chris Svetlik
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