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If CMO and Managing Director of ISL (iStrategyLabs) and aspiring semi-professional bocce player – next stop, Summer Olympics 2028 – DJ (it stands for Darien Jay) Saul could give a gift to anyone, he would buy a new cadillac for his Grandmother “Bubbe” just for being the boss that she is: a Cadillac specifically because…she already has one. That’s a pretty cool gift, from someone who has a pretty cool life philosophy: “Happiness is knowing how to manage your own expectations.”


When it comes to one of the things DJ is most afraid of not getting the chance to do, he shared that he really wants to participate in one of the bigger adventure races, such as the Mongol Rally, billed as “the greatest motoring adventure on the planet,” which starts in London and ends in Ulaanbaatar. And, he’s already taking a step in the right direction, because if he were to get a blue ribbon this week it would be for packing lightly for traveling.

[pullquote]Happiness is knowing how to manage your own expectations.[/pullquote]

DJ’s most prized clothing item is a vintage Oregon Nike Track jacket. He grew up in Eugene, Oregon where Nike was invented, so it reminds him of his childhood. Exploring his youth further, it turns out DJ’s always been an enterprising young lad. One of his favorite early memories with his best friend was going to local sporting events, and offering concession-running services. “For an expected tip we’d go grab food and drinks for fans, and bring it to their seats. It worked great,” he exclaimed. Perhaps he was inspired by his heroes: his parents circa 1977. “They ran a whitewater rafting outfitters and kayak school while living in a treehouse,” he shared.


That might help explain why DJ most seems himself as an otter, if he had to pick a spirit animal; one in the water outdoors that works hard and plays hard, and most importantly, likes to hold hands. DJ also enjoys mentoring and advising those who seek and need help, and advice as much as possible – exercising one of his favorite quotes by Richard Bach: “You teach best what you most need to learn.”

[pullquote]You teach best what you most need to learn.[/pullquote]

DJ and one of his newest friends were brought together by being the only two people on a larger group trip who liked hip hop music. Though when DJ dances when no one is watching, he plays Ace of Base’s All That She Wants. Beyond that, without fail he tunes into NPR daily.

On Sundays he watches soccer, catches up on some reading, gets some work done, and then cooks entirely too much food. Which explains his secret pleasure: “Watching Triple D (Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on Food Network), quite possibly the best worst show on TV,” he says. Speaking of food, the most delicious thing he put in his fridge recently was Girl Scout samoa cookies. Something he detests? Raisins in cookies. Which is OK by us; we’re team chocolate chip all the way too!

Get to know more about DJ, and keep in touch with him on Instagram.

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#GoodPeople: DJ Saul
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