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A bull was the first thing that came to mind when we asked Drew Reynolds which animal most represents how he sees himself in the world. “I’m a Taurus, I have a bull symbol tattooed on my back, and I have run with the bulls in Pamplona Spain twice. And, you can’t be a small animal while wearing the largest size that Hugh & Crye carries! I’m a TallBroad,” he elaborated.

Customer Drew Reynolds

We were curious if that also meant Pitbull is Drew’s favorite music. Turns out that it’s not, but it’s close: “Every morning on my drive into work, I play old school hip-hop to help me wake up and get going,” shared Drew. “I have to show my ID to armed police officers in order to gain access onto the work grounds. The officers get to know you and your car after a while, so the process of showing your ID and saying ‘good morning’ is pretty quick. But for me, with my morning music, it’s become a daily source of humor for them when I come through dancing to anything from NWA and Sugar Hill Gang to Tupac and Biggy.”

Based on that, we needed to know more about Drew’s style. We learned he’s a huge supporter of where he grew up in Detroit, and he gushed about how his city is having a really cool resurgence in style, art, food and drink, and fashion right now. As a result, anytime he sees something that is made in Detroit, he’s all over it, and he also collects watches. Combining these two things leads to his most prized clothing item: a Shinola watch.

Speaking of prizes, if Drew were to get a blue ribbon this week, it would most likely be because he just mowed the yard. But he let us know he’d take a PBR instead, because it’s crazy refreshing, and now that he does adult things including mowing his yard, cracking open a cold beer afterwards seems like a fitting reward.

[pullquote]A tradition that brought cavemen together thousands of years ago still works better than anything today.[/pullquote]

Speaking of doing grown up things, the love of grilling and smoking meat brought together Drew and his newest friends: his two neighbors. Any night of the week you can smell the beautiful aroma of burnt meat and smoky goodness coming from behind any of their houses he claims. Plus, it sounds like it has become a bit of a friendly competition. They often find themselves passing drinks and samples of amazing food back and forth over the fence to one another. “A tradition that brought cavemen together thousands of years ago still works better than anything today,” proclaimed Drew.

Andrew wearing Hugh & Crye

Drew wearing his Shinola watch and Hugh & Crye’s Biscayne shirt.

If Drew could give a gift to anyone, he’d want to give everyone at Hugh & Crye the gift of infinite success. And, he wasn’t just saying that to suck up to us in hopes of getting invited to another baseball game, or so he claims.

His first experience with Hugh & Crye was on his brother-in-law Jake’s birthday. They were set up with our Customer Experience Lead, James, for a day of fittings with a bottle of bourbon to enjoy during the process. It was basically the male equivalent of shopping for a wedding dress while sipping champagne. But in his case, the wedding dress was replaced with perfectly fitting shirts and blazers, and the Veuve Clicquot was replaced by Pappy VanWinkle. After that day, Jake and Drew’s families would regularly visit the store whenever family or friends from out of town came to visit in DC; it became their regular meeting spot in Georgetown.

A few years later, Jake passed away tragically in a bike accident at a charity event. Drew was out of town working for a few weeks when he heard the news, and in rushing to catch the next plane home, he stuffed all of his work clothes into his suitcase. Shortly after arriving home, Drew’s family was invited to the White House where Jake had worked for the visitation of the Dalai Lama. With all of his wrinkled clothes at the dry cleaners, he quickly needed to find a shirt that he felt was “White House presentable.” Long story short, James picked out a shirt for him, freshly steamed and pressed it, and had an incredible colleague drive the shirt to Drew that night.

[pullquote]That kind of service and care for people has made James not just a good friend, but the rest of the Hugh & Crye team a very special part of my family.[/pullquote]

“Days later at the memorial service, amongst the crowd of people, there was James. Taking time out of his day to come pay respects to our family,” reflected Drew. “That kind of service and care for people has made James not just a good friend, but the rest of the Hugh & Crye team a very special part of my family. So, if I could give the gift of extreme success, I think it’s the least that I could do in return for them,” he concluded. We can’t really put into words how much that means to us, and we’re so happy Drew is a life changing part of our family, too.

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#GoodPeople: Drew Reynolds
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