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If writer and director Henry Hughes could give a gift to anyone, it would be a cheeseburger to his dog. “No gift to another human would ever be as satisfying as a cheeseburger would be to her,” he elaborated.

Keep in mind, this is coming from a guy who would get a blue-ribbon this week for not eating McDonald’s french fries. Henry hadn’t had those fries for years until recently, and he’s pretty sure he’s taken drugs that are less addicting.

Henry Hughes wearing Hugh & Crye

Henry wearing H&C’s Berkley tuxedo shirt.

The last time Henry smiled so big it hurt was when he came home from Afghanistan, and his wife was there waiting for him. “Home is a powerful thing,” Henry shared. Perhaps that sense of family is why Henry sees himself as a penguin. “There’s a Herzog film where a mad penguin wanders aimlessly into the center of Antarctica to his certain death. Poor guy lost his mind. And they’re family oriented,” noted Henry.

[pullquote]Home is a powerful thing[/pullquote]

When we asked Henry what’s made him think about something differently recently, he brought up stretching. He hated stretching in gym class or before a soccer match. But now he spends half of his time at the gym in awkward positions on a blue mat. “Delightful results. Who knew?” he said cheerily.

Henry also shared that Francis Ford Coppola’s Godfather trilogy continues to teach him lessons each time he watches it. “He found a way to discuss personal duty, capitalism, and the American Dream through family. It grounds the story in relatable fashion that somehow still remains operatic. It’s intimate and vast,” said Henry.

Hank Hughes

Henry’s most prized clothing item is his father’s CVC jacket, which is a jacket he wore as a tank commander. It’s a beautiful piece of clothing full of history, and Henry wears it to write sometimes. Which led us further into his habits. When he dances when no one is watching, Henry loves to play Jesus songs. “Though I’m not a card carrying member, there’s something about singing to the heavens,” he said.

[pullquote]Being an adult is weird[/pullquote]

Building on things that bring him joy, Henry shared one of his favorite early memories with his best friend, Joseph, which happened in college. Joseph didn’t have a cell phone, so he would give girls Henry’s number, and Henry would play secretary when they called, taking messages, or running down to Joseph’s room to pass off the call. When it comes to other friendships, we also asked Henry what brought him and one of his newest friends together. His answer? “We both dated my wife. Being an adult is weird.”

Henry’s most afraid of not getting the chance to take adulthood in stride. But his response to what he would like to tell the person he feels closest to right now makes us think he’s on his way: “Darlin, there’s a booger on your upper lip.”

Keep in touch with Henry, and learn more about his Oscar-nominated film Day One here.

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#GoodPeople: Henry Hughes
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