Hello 11: Break Beyond Boundaries In Blue Check

Phone Illustration Remember telephones without caller ID? This series is meant to prompt a bit of curiosity, discovery and excitement. Like our old friend, the landline. A new shirt in focus every Monday to start your week off on the right foot.

The Edens

At long last, discover a cheerful new twist on the workweek blues. Our Edens dress shirt is part of our Professionals collection inspired by impactful expressways in Chicago; those that have reshaped the region perhaps more than any other twentieth-century force.

What’s unique about this shirt?

Influenced by the three-lane William G. Edens Expressway — the first of its kind in Chicago in 1951, our Edens shirt features a unique blue and white check pattern. Showcasing our button-down collar (not too big, not too small), and a smooth, durable 100s poplin fabric, the Edens makes a smart impression.

Why should I care?

Blue is one of the most popular dress shirt colors, as it appeals to both men and women. And, this shirt features classic blue and white, while making a fun statement. Checked shirts can often be associated with more casual outfits, but this pattern actually brings an interesting dimension to a formal look. Furthermore, this print is not too busy, ensuring the finished outfit is clean and polished.

How should I wear it?

Wear it with dark denim for walks around town or with black slacks to evening dinners under the stars. If you want to pair it with a tie, which is totally a choice of preference when it comes to a button-down collar, a typical rule is to make your checked shirts lighter than your tie. And, to go with a larger pattern on your tie to create a nice contrast. It will also look nice with a charcoal cardigan.

When should I wear it?

The Edens is a more casual shirt, perfect no matter where you want to travel, and it’s fully weekend ready. Take it along for hitting the open road and heading to the mountains. Or stay at home, and catch up with your neighborhoods around a backyard fire pit.

Explore the Edens, and pave the way in blue and white check. Or get started by finding your custom fit.

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Hello 11: Break Beyond Boundaries In Blue Check
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