Hello? Edition 1: The Most Gentlemanly Shirt We’ve Ever Made

Phone Illustration Remember telephones without caller ID? This series is meant to prompt a bit of curiosity, discovery and excitement. Like our old friend, the landline. A new shirt in focus every Monday to start your week off on the right foot.


The Wesley


THE WESLEY shirt is a band collar shirt in a 120 yarn count poplin fabric with mother-of-pearl (MOP) buttons, a french placket and convertible cuffs.

What’s unique about this shirt?

The Wesley features a band collar we think you’ll be fond of. All “normal” collars actually have a supporting piece underneath of them called the neck band. Band collars only contain a neck band – they do not have what’s called a “cape” which is the turned down part of the collar that we’re most familiar with. Band collars are sometimes called Mandarin or Nehru collars, though variations in the shape and enclosure do exist.

Why should I care?

Well, you don’t have to; that’s for sure. But you should for a few reasons. First, it’s a collar that can be dressed up or down. Second, not only does it not require a tie to look good, it can’t be worn with one! This is especially enticing for guys that hate wearing ties (looking at you, Richard Branson).

How should I wear it?

We’re sure you know that as the only choice for a gentleman historically, white wears well with pretty much anything. The Wesley will look sharp with a pair of jeans, slacks or even casual joggers. In terms of layering your torso, wear it under a leather jacket or under a blazer and you can’t go wrong. We’d recommend pairing it with our L’Enfant blazer in grey check this spring, and our Seneca blazer in navy during the summer.

When should I wear it?

A white shirt will never be out of place, whether during office work or play. The Wesley is great for savoring a drink on a sunny patio any time of year. It’s also a perfect fit for spring events including high school graduations, weddings, and strolls through the city.

Like what you see? Explore the Wesley limited edition collection. And, if you already own the Wesley, we’d be thrilled to see you wearing it. Please share your photos, and tag them with #hughandcrye on Twitter or Instagram this week. We’ll randomly select one winner for a wonderful surprise.

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Hello? Edition 1: The Most Gentlemanly Shirt We’ve Ever Made
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