How to Hand Wash Your Popover

The Print Popover is a little different from our dress shirts—it’s more casual and breezy with print fabric (vs. yarn dyed, which is the process for most dress shirts). The prints are done by hand-block or screen methods, using special dyes. So naturally, the Print Popover requires different care.  READ: hand wash.

The short version is this: Do not throw these in the washer or dryer – as they will bleed naturally occurring dyes all over your other clothing, and also shrink in the dryer. Instead, wash them by hand and air dry.

So, how do you hand wash a shirt? Follow these steps:

Prep sink

1. Prepare your sink. A tub or basin works, too. Make sure the sink itself is clean ahead of time and have your laundry detergent ready. Any store-bought detergent will do.

Fill sink Add soap

Let the sink start to fill with warm water about half way before mixing in a small amount of laundry detergent (about ¼ cup).

Remove tag

Don’t forget to remove the hang tag before washing.

Rinse shirt

2. Hand wash. Submerge your shirt in the soapy water, and gently wash it.

Hand wash shirt

Don’t rush—this process can actually be a little therapeutic, so enjoy it.


Be sure to dip the shirt under water a few times. Note: The indigo and black dyes naturally bleed a little, so don’t be surprised when the water starts to change color.

Hand washing a shirt

3. Rinse. After a few dunks, drain the sink and rinse the popover under warm water until the water runs clear.

Rinse 1
Rinse 2

Gently ring out your popover to get rid of any excess water.

Hanging clothesline

4. Air dry. On a clothesline, over the back of chair…wherever you can. But no matter what, do not use the dryer. The heat will damage the cotton and weave and alter the fit and feel of the shirt.

Hanging to dry

You can create a makeshift clothesline with string and binder clips strung outside or in your bathroom.

Hanging to dry

5. Enjoy your clean shirt. It will be as fresh and soft as the day you got it. Follow  with a spray bottle and warm iron if you’d like.

How to Hand Wash Your Popover
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