Hello Edition 6: A Cutaway For Collecting

Phone Illustration Remember telephones without caller ID? This series is meant to prompt a bit of curiosity, discovery and excitement. Like our old friend, the landline. A new shirt in focus every Monday to start your week off on the right foot.

The Brickell

Escape to a place where lush tropical foliage provides a charming canopy from an unrelenting sun, as you meander amidst ambitious paintings, sculptures, and photographs from the masters of contemporary arts. Discover the Brickell, part of our luxurious Professionals collection inspired by the unique heritage of historical art neighborhoods in Miami.

What’s unique about this shirt?

Drawing on the famed Art Deco pastel buildings from the 1930s, this dress shirt features a handsome pink and white stripe pattern that will set your mind at ease as soon as you slip into it. Settled in the mid-1800s by early pioneers, Brickell quickly grew to become Miami’s “Millionaire’s Row,” before establishing itself as one of the largest financial districts in the US. Crafted to embody all the wonder and prestige of its namesake, our Brickell showcases our cutaway collar, and a dobby fabric.

Why should I care?

A pink dress shirt is a staple in a modern man’s wardrobe, and a must-have during summer months. Great for softening the dark hues of navy, charcoal, and black, a pink shirt can easily bring balance to your outfit, and provide a slimming shape. Furthermore, our Brickell’s thin stripes pattern provides a stylistically modern and masculine look simultaneously.

How should I wear it?

Pinks pairs well with just about every color — from khaki to cream, and black. Though it looks particularly sophisticated with our navy or charcoal Seneca. Pink is also good for wearing with traditionally masculine accessories including suspenders, a vest, or a medium gray tie.

When should I wear it?

Don’t be afraid of wearing bright colors this summer. You’ll find this shirt provides the perfect pop of color to accompany navy slacks during the work week, as well as to wear with dark denim for weekend brewery tours, antiquing, and more.

Explore our limited run Brickell, and set aside moments for discovery every day. Or get started by finding your custom fit.

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Hello Edition 6: A Cutaway For Collecting
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