Hello? Edition 4: A Dobby Striped Cutaway for Getaways

Phone Illustration Remember telephones without caller ID? This series is meant to prompt a bit of curiosity, discovery and excitement. Like our old friend, the landline. A new shirt in focus every Monday to start your week off on the right foot.

The Embarcadero


A year in the making, we’re proud to share our Embarcadero — a luxurious shirt inspired by a storied street in San Francisco. You’ll find it provides the best of sophisticated comfort in the colors of the season.

What’s unique about this shirt?

One the busiest areas of foot traffic in the entire world during the early-20th century, the Embarcadero is the eastern waterfront and roadway of the Port of San Francisco. Deriving its name from the Spanish verb embarcar, embarcadero itself means “the place to embark.” Inspired by the adventure abounding from its namesake, this shirt showcases an elegant but forward cutaway collar, and a luxurious 120s poplin fabric in blue, white and purple dobby stripes.

Why should I care?

A blue striped shirt is a staple that will never go out of style, and it’s a great way to mix up your work week wardrobe. The Embarcadero dress shirt’s distinct blue, white, and purple stripes pattern embodies a place where a cool breeze pervades as sun dances through a dusty fog, and the weight of the world lifts off of your shoulders. Its unique vertical stripes pattern is very figure flattering, because it appears to lengthen the torso and makes a lovely, slender upper body.

How should I wear it?

Some people oppose wearing two articles of clothing with stripes: for example, the practice of wearing a pinstripe suit with a striped shirt. However, we think you should do whatever suits your style. We merely suggest that the two articles of clothing have stripes of different weights. The Embarcadero would look great worn with a blazer, such as our grey check L’Enfant, or our charcoal Seneca in the summer. You could also pair it with your favorite cardigan for evening cookouts.

When should I wear it?

Featuring our cutaway collar, and a dobby fabric, this is an elegant dress shirt that can easily accompany you to formal dinners and the office alike. Whether you’re biking to a meeting or stepping aboard a skiff for a day of peaceful lake relaxation, this shirt provides the perfect way to begin your next adventure.

Learn more about our Embarcadero, and find your custom fit. If you already own the Embarcadero, take a photo when you wear it and tag #hughandcrye. We’ll randomly select a winner for a fun surprise.

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Hello? Edition 4: A Dobby Striped Cutaway for Getaways
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