Hugh & Crye at New York Fashion Week

While we didn’t make it to New York Fashion Week this year, we were there in spirit thanks to H&C guy Danny Fung. The LA-based photographer and actor joined blogger Elizabeth Keene—whom he photographs regularly and is pictured below—at Lincoln Center, and upstaged street-style stars in his Hugh & Crye look. We took a moment to catch up with Danny about his time at NYFW and thoughts on H&C.

Danny Fung NYFW

Why did you choose to wear Hugh & Crye? Hugh & Crye, without a doubt, stands out in terms of their fit. I have trouble shopping for clothes sometimes—too big for a small, too small for a medium. With Hugh & Crye’s unique way of fitting, it definitely works in favor with my body type. (Danny’s Hugh & Crye size is Average/Skinny).

Favorite outfit you wore last week? It would have to be the Sal shirt with the McComb blazer in cranberry. It certainly got the most attention from photographers at Lincoln Center than my other outfits did. I also added the Savannah star pattern pocket square with it, which really finished off the look.

Danny Fung NYFW

Best part of NYFW? The street-style photographers swarming Lincoln Center to get shots of everyone’s outfits. It’s surely a sight to see. People are literally coming together to see what everyone’s wearing and it’s just really awesome to see what kind of outfits people have up their sleeves. Pun certainly intended.

Worst? The heat and humidity! Early September in NYC this year was no joke. Dressing up to the nines while walking around in near 100 degree weather isn’t my most flattering look. Photographers came up to me as I had beads of sweat roll off my forehead. I know, very cute.

Danny Fung NYFW Danny Fung NYFW

Danny is pictured wearing the Sal button-down shirt in blue oxford, the McComb blazer in Cranberry, Savannah pocket square, and Alpina square-end tie. Follow @dannyfung on Instagram for more photos from NYFW, and be sure to share your own Hugh & Crye style using #hughandcrye.

Hugh & Crye at New York Fashion Week
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