Hugh & Crye Explore “Synth Series 002”

Last weekend we saw some of our friends had posted pictures of a beautiful installation of colored thread on Instagram. Blues, reds, oranges and purples – vibrant yarn strung across pillars in an abandoned building. After a little digging and a great post by aCreativeDC, we found that the piece (Synth Series 002) was an installation by a pair of young DC architects who go by the name Toki. We loved what we saw from our friends and yesterday we sent two of the guys at Hugh & Crye to find the piece and explore the space.


We read the installation was somewhere in an abandoned building off the Rhode Island Metro station. After walking around for twenty minutes we matched up a building with our friends’ photos. A big, white-washed warehouse with blown out windows, it looked the part and we made our way inside.


RI metro synth series


Entering the building, we found a situation where you expected something to be right there, in the space, because you’d grown comfortable imagining it through pictures. Walking through the first floor, nothing. Second floor, nothing. Third floor, nothing.


Toki Abandoned Building


By the third floor we’d convinced ourselves we had picked the wrong spot and blown two hours of our morning. One floor to go and we hadn’t seen a trace of colored yarn. We climbed the last flight of unfinished stairs and to our excitement, a burst of color came streaming through the doorway.


Synth Series doorway view


Synth Series 002. Hello.

It’s small and it’s simple but you pause as you walk into the room.

The colors spread across four pillars in the center of the warehouse floor and the light from the broken windows cuts through the vertically layered thread.


Toki Synth Series 003 Thread


The intent of Synth Series 002, developed by young architecture graduates Tolu and Khai, is to create a visualization of sound in three dimensions. The group strives to represent the music of our daily lives in a way that is both tangible and  beautiful; they succeed, flawlessly, on both counts. It’s part Tron and part Interstellar and no matter how you cut it, it’s a visit  worth your time.


Synth Series 003 Popover


We’ll stay on the lookout for Synth 003 and, in the meantime, other people and organizations pushing the limits of creativity within the District’s borders.

Follow: @khaitect and @tolu_r for Synth Series Updates


Synth Series 003

Charlie Long Explores Synth Series 003

Toki Synth Series Installation Credits

Hugh & Crye Explore “Synth Series 002”
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