Hugh & Crye Team: Meet Carl

I’m from… Kind of all over really.Im 28 now and have lived in 12 different places in my life. The most time I’ve been in one place was my childhood. I grew up on an Air Force based about 45 minutes south of Seattle called McChord AFB. Since I left Washington, Ive moved an average of every two years. Seattle shaped who I am today and I still carry a lot of pride for that that city to this day.

In DC you’ll find me at… My mornings usually start with a soy vanilla latte from Baked and Wired in Georgetown. If it happens to be a wednesday morning, I’ll be on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with The November Project DC tribe. If im back in my neighbourhood of NOMA, you can find me shopping at Salt & Sundry eating dinner at The Queen Vic or Toki Underground.

My favorite Hugh & Crye shirt is… Sequoia for me is that “one shirt” for me. The colors and the casual relaxed fit of that shirt just reminds me of the west coast. The shirt goes amazing with dark blue denim but can give you such a classic american look when paired with khakis. When I’m feeling up for it, I love to dress it up with a blue knit tie. As far as the new arrivals go? I’d have to go with Anfield. Not just because the shirt draws its name from my favorite football club.. wait soccer team, Liverpool FC. The shirt is a great twist on your traditional chambray shirt.

At Hugh & Crye I… Will be one of the first people you meet when you walk through the door. Myself and James work side by side day to day with assisting every customer that comes through the door. With such a unique sizing system at Hugh & Crye we pride ourselves on giving people the most unique shopping experience they can have. That same service extends to those who can’t visit our Georgetown location. Whether it be customer experience or handling an exchange for a customer in Hollywood, CA. The most important part of my day aside from the normal “day to day” tasks, is making sure that every person who comes to Hugh & Crye is happy they decided to in the first place.

This spring I’m looking forward to wearing… My snapback backwards, pants rolled up and my shirt unbuttoned with a pair of shades. The most exciting part of the warmer weather is the opportunity to get back out on my road bike. The morning commute to the shop will be just a little more enjoyable than the cold winter metro rides as of late.

Something you might be surprised to learn about me is…  I served six years in the United States Air Force right out of High School. I joined the military as a Geospatial Analyst. In the six years that I was in the Air Force, I was lucky enough to live a few places in such a short amount of time. One of which was South Korea, where I spent two years.

I’m most looking forward to visiting… More of the UK. I got to take a trip to Liverpool last year to take in a football match and was blown away by the culture and the people of Liverpool. I was hoping to make a day trip to Dublin while I was there but didn’t get the chance. Being from the Northwest, the UK has a lot of similarities that I was really fond of.

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Hugh & Crye Team: Meet Carl
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