Hugh & Crye Team: Meet Matt

I’m from… I was born and raised in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada. So yes, that means I use kilometers instead of miles, Celsius instead of Fahrenheit, and I know all of the words to God Save the Queen. In the last ten years I’ve also lived in Calgary, London (England), and most recently Toronto. After three awesome years in the latter and fully repatriating myself, I was on the move again and immigrated to “the States” via DC and haven’t looked back.

In DC you’ll find me at… I’m a big supporter of all things new and exciting so since I’m so new to the city of Washington, you could find me anywhere. My home base is Adams Morgan and Meridian Hill Park. Typically I’d venture out via 16th St NW on my singlespeed Peugeot bike and head south on the hunt for a new coffee shop.

My favorite Hugh & Crye shirt is… My first love and purchase was the Piedmont, and I still wear it all the time. Being tall and lean I always have had difficulty finding shirts that fit, let alone a pattern that doesn’t bore me after a week. The striking blue and white contrast stands out in any environment, and I double the shirt’s versatility by wearing it tucked in for handshakes and untucked for fist bumps.

At Hugh & Crye I… I manage the digital marketing at Hugh & Crye. This means I’m responsible for introducing new customers to Hugh & Crye and making sure they have the best digital experience ever while they learn about our brand, our story, and our products. The cool part about this is existing customers get to reap the benefits of an improving digital experience as well, and the Hugh & Crye community grows larger and stronger with each passing week.

This spring I’m looking forward to wearing…  I can’t wait to get back into my well-worn Rainbow sandals (they’re not flip flops!). I’m from the West Coast after all so that means I’d pair those with dark jeans and a Japanese-inspired washed cutaway shirt like the Asahikawa with the sleeves rolled up high. A pair of sunglasses with an authentic Panama hat would complete the look.

Something you might be surprised to learn about me is… Here comes the rapid fire answer section: I don’t speak French. I do bake muffins. I have a deep desire to learn anything and everything. I have run with the bulls. I have theories about kindergarten and immortality that I like to share with almost anyone.

I’m most looking forward to visiting… I want to take my wife to Spain after she finishes graduate school next year. We have both traveled Europe but that’s one country she hasn’t been to yet and I’d love to show her around the amazing Basque region. Also locally, I’m preparing to do a 3-night back-country camping trip in the Appalachians in May. I can’t wait to hit the trail, live purely for a few days, and get lost in my own thoughts.

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Hugh & Crye Team: Meet Matt
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