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We’re all consumers and have some sort of relationship with materialism. Some of us hoard, others can live out of a suitcase, and move half-way across the world at the drop of hat. Either way – it’s undeniable that the objects that we have in our possession – or on our body – are tied to the experiences that we accrue. Especially while traveling. A new DSLR camera. A canvas duffle. A special book or pen.

This is something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. A question remains: what role do our shirts play when our customers take them on trips?

I was happy to get an email from Chris N. (from Washington, DC) about his recent trip to Venice, Italy. Chris and Rob toured Venice, and attended the Biennale di Venezia aka an amazing art exhibition and festival.

Rob is wearing one of our new spread button-downs, Merckx, under beautiful light, as they were leaving the Biennale.  Below that is Chris, wearing the now out-of-stock Teddy shirt, just outside of the Swedish Pavilion. Bravissimo!


Look out for more posts where our customers take our lucky shirts around the country and world. Have a picture to share? Feel free to send it to us at [email protected], or share on twitter or facebook.