Know Your Cuffs

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Check out our Guide to Dress Shirt Cuffs for more detailed information on Hugh & Crye cuff styles.

After the collar, there’s no more distinguishing element of a shirt than the cuff.  When paired with a tie and jacket, after all, these are the only two parts of your shirt that are truly visible.

Hugh & Crye shirts emphasize fit but we also take pride in our attention to detail.  For that reason, we offer four cuffs to match every mood or occasion.


The shirt cuff stripped down to its essence – a plain rectangular piece of fabric.  A wine barrel is a cylindrical container that stores fermenting grape juice; a barrel cuff is a cylindrical enclosure for your wrist.

Barrel cuffs can have one or two buttons, but either way they impart a no-nonsense, no-frills mentality, providing a classic look that is appropriate for all occasions.


Take a barrel cuff and sand off the sharp edges.  Without the precision of the barrel’s right angle, rounded cuffs affect a slightly more casual, relaxed look.

In keeping with this sleeve end’s insouciant curvature, Hugh & Crye typically pairs it with more laid back collars, including the similarly rounded.


Smoothing out the square edge of a barrel cuff reduces a shirt’s formality.  Matching 45 degree incisions at each end, overlapping to produce a mitered effect, has the opposite effect.  This cuff is as dressy as you can get without abandoning buttons for cuff links.


The height of versatility, convertible cuffs roll with the top down or up, proverbially.  Outwardly a run-of-the-mill barrel cuff, they possess a secret, second hole sewn behind the button, enabling the convertible to be buttoned or linked together.

Your typical ready-to-wear French cuff is paradoxically too formal to be worn without a jacket, yet features more fabric than can be comfortably jammed into a sport coat’s sleeve.  Convertible cuffs look as formal as their folded over French counterparts when fastened with cuff links and offer a button for more casual wear, providing the best of both worlds.

Given their propensity to dress up, convertible cuffs are matched with Hugh & Crye’s most formal collars – the semi- and full-spread collars. (N.B. All cutaway and tall collar H&C shirts have convertible cuffs.)