Ladies Wear Hugh & Crye, too

Yes, we make menswear that fits, but over the years we’ve learned that our unique, tailored approach actually works wonderfully for women, too. Case in point: Jenn, pictured above wearing our Carolina dress shirt.

Jenn raises horses and cows on a ranch in Montana, and says that, “although ranching can be a dirty job, I like to look sharp (underneath the dirt!) Your long-sleeved button-down shirts have been exactly what I was looking for; I currently own 6 of them!”

“I am 5’10” tall and weigh 127 lbs. Regular sized women’s’ shirts are 1) always too short in the arms, 2) always too short in the torso, and 3) usually too narrow in the shoulders…I tried many brands, including Brooks Bros and Eddie Bauer, and could not find a men’s or women’s button down shirt that fit well until I tried Hugh & Crye’s men’s ‘average skinny.'”

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Photo credit: Robin Rogers Cloud

Ladies Wear Hugh & Crye, too
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