Lost and Found: H&C Vintage

We’re pleased to announce Lost and Found: a collection of vintage items, curated and collected for the modern gentleman. Each of these found pieces share our passion for individuality and appreciation of nostalgia, and we hope you’ll find each one to be as special as we do. All items have been well cared for, and remain in great vintage and wearable condition. They’re truly one of a kind and unique – we only have one item in stock. This new channel will be updated frequently, so check back often to see what’s new.

Hugh & Crye Shirtmakers

Complete Your Look

Our shirts and blazers are the foundation to your wardrobe: classic pieces that fit well and and humbly take a back seat so you can be you. But you’re a man with personality and perspective, and while your fitted shirt says so much about you (without even trying!), you still have so much more to say.

Lost and Found is full of little treasures that inspire and tell a story. It might be a quirky tie, or detailed collar pin. Or perhaps it’s a piece that reminds you of your grandfather. Love something but not sure how to wear it? We’ll show you. Each of these found items can be paired with H&C favorites in a classic and modern way.

Hugh & Crye Vintage

Tell Us What You Think

So, what do you think? We really want your feedback on this new adventure. Tweet at @hughandcrye or email us at [email protected] to let us know!
  • Which are your favorite pieces?
  • What other kinds of found items would you like to see? We’ll be on the hunt!
  • Share photos of you wearing your H&C vintage! You’re the only one who has it, so we’d love to see how you wear it. Use the hashtag #hughandcrye on twitter or instagram to share your photos on our tumblr.
Lost and Found: H&C Vintage
Let us know what you think
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