My morning routine: Carl

If you’ve lived in Washington, DC long enough (read: a week or more), the question “What do you do?” is all to familiar to you. At Hugh & Crye, we’re comfortable with being completely out-of-place in our nation’s capital. We’re not an enterprise or government focused technology services company. And we’re in no way affiliated with the corn lobby.

We’re a menswear brand. Consumer facing. E-commerce focused.

How we present ourselves to the world, every day, is core to what we do. And we thought it would be fun to show you a glimpse of our morning routine. Getting ready. Putting together a look for the day. The commute to our Georgetown store and offices. And of course a little “day in the life”.

We’re kicking off the series with our customer experience associate, Carl, who was followed into H&C by his friend and photographer Ryan Tomsu.



Carl is wearing McComb Blazer in Brown Plaid, Denali shirt  & Ulm square end tie.









My morning routine: Carl
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