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Our Mitered Cuff (the more you know…)

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We hope the reference to NBC’s PSAs from the 80s gave you a little chuckle. We’re starting a new series here, on this blog, called “The More You Know”. They’re meant to be a light-hearted yet informative perspective on our shirts, menswear, style, and more. We hope you enjoy them – and of course, we’ll look to you for future topics. Question about how to style a cutaway collar or one of our ginghams? Let us know!

Today, we’re focusing on the ‘mitered cuff‘. First, a quick definition: the mitered cuff is a barrel cuff that has had the corners “mitered” or cut at an angle. That’s it. Nothing really more to it than that.

Hugh & Crye Mitered Cuff Dress Shirts

The mitered cuff is just one of our many cuff types that creates a sharp look, worthy of more professional or formal occasions. Like our standard convertible cuff, our mitered cuff features the extra button hole, allowing them to be worn with or without links.

Different cuffs types are just one way we like to have a little fun, all while making well-madegreat fitting, classic shirts. When your cuff peeks out under your jacket, it just shows a little extra personality and style. We pay attention to extra little details like this so you look extra sharp. (And you didn’t even have to think about it!)

It’s hard for us to pick favorites when it comes to our shirts, but we do think the mitered cuff looks fantastic when dressed up. Shop mitered cuffs shirts, including Lawn PartyCarolina (below photo), and Piscine (above photo with silk knots). Give us a shout out on twitter and let us know which one is your favorite!

Hugh & Crye Carolina Mitered Cuff Dress Shirt