Hugh & Crye Fit Finder sizes – Short, Average, Tall, Skinny, Slim, Athletic, Broad

FitFinder is here!

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If you didn’t already know, Hugh & Crye’s dress shirts are based on the shape of the torso to create a better fitting shirt for lean and athletically built guys. Our shirts have a fit that’s near or as good as bespoke but without the cost and timely wait, and with the convenience of off-the-rack shopping.

Today we’re pleased to launch our FitFinder and it’s exactly what you’d expect: a super simple and fun way to figure out your Hugh & Crye size. In a sea of men’s custom size calculators, our FitFinder is very straightforward – all you have to do is pick your height and build: the two most important factors to getting a great fitting shirt from us. Once you have your size, you’re all set to browse and shop our shirts, which you know will fit properly and feel good.

Hugh & Crye FitFinder

Nine times out of ten the FitFinder will help you pick your right size. Every so often it might not be completely accurate, and if that’s the case, our responsive customer service team can help you out. You can always email us at [email protected] or call us at 202-250-2807. (And of course you won’t have to pay for return shipping, if you need it.)

Are you ready? Check out the FitFinder to determine your size, then save your fit to your account, claim and share your unique badge on Twitter and Facebook, and shop your Hugh & Crye fit. Don’t forget to share the FitFinder with your friends so they can do the same!

Display your Hugh & Crye fit proudly.

You are not small, medium or large. You sir, are a gentleman.