Pranav’s Fireside Chat (Sans Fire) At TrackMaven

On Friday, Pranav sat down with Allen Gannett and the awesome team at TrackMaven, to share a little bit about Hugh & Crye. We thought you might enjoy one of the stories he told, so here’s a quick peek behind the scenes:

Our 3D collar stays printed on demand are made possible by a Makerbot that Pranav and Philip stuffed into the back seat of a Mini, and drove down from New York. After weeks of tinkering away to get it up and running, we’ve had so much fun watching our customers get creative with them for lots of different purposes. For example, around the holidays, we’ll see many partners ordering for their husbands crafting little love notes on the stays. We’ve also had men place orders for stays including their phone number as the message, perfect for passing out to women during a night out at the club. Our latest favorite order was for “FC Liverpool,” which we’re still trying to prove was our own Ryan Morris from Customer Experience.

Awesome @TrackMaven talk today from local favorite @HughandCrye!” wrote Anna Celentino, and we couldn’t agree more. Thanks for having us!

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Pranav’s Fireside Chat (Sans Fire) At TrackMaven
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