Shirts at Social for Martha’s

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On Thursday, March 25th, about 70 or so people came out to Social to join us for a little benefit party for Martha’s Outfitters (of Martha’s Table).  Social’s AJ Guy, Scott Hammons and Gabriella Lenzi have been great to work with and very much share our values in community, partnership and giving back.  If you haven’t been to Social yet, definitely check it out.  Better yet, swing by our office (3307 M St.) and we’ll hook you up with a 20% discount card that can be used against your meal or bar tab.

Special thanks to Jim Darling for exhibiting his iphone portraits – an intriguing set of captures of perfect strangers from DC-metro. And to Monet for repp’ing Martha’s. AND Shomari, Phil and Whitney – thank you for all your help! One more… special thanks to Bisnow for the coverage! Pics below…