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A Visit from Captain America

Pranav recently mentioned that we share a hometown with some pretty talented people. And he’s right, we do. Among our talented cohabitants are the Washington Capitals – strong contenders for the Stanley Cup this year.

Join us at Butler & Claypool's Pop up Shop

JOIN US! This weekend we will introduce our shirts – what we feel is a modern day take on classical vintage wear – at Butler & Claypool’s Pop-up Shop & Curated Bazaar. Butler & Claypool strive to collect and provide all the wearing’s of a well-curated life. And besides, Holly and gang are great people. […]

Customer Profile: Herb H.

Hey everyone! My name is Jeff Mindell, and I’m excited to join Hugh & Crye as a Marketing Intern. One of the things I’ll be working on is sharing customer stories – real customers, not friends and family, and no bribes were offered. Let me know what you think by commenting below!   Our first […]

Your non-iron, wrinkle-free shirts will straight up kill you

“After I use this brain, I’ll take the goo it’s floating in to starch my cloak” Ok, perhaps that title is somewhat hyperbolic.  But it contains an element of truth. We get it.  Ironing is a drag and getting your shirts pressed by the dry cleaner is expensive.  There is perhaps no worse feeling than […]

Rounded collars

In a recent NYT article, the white dress shirt is called out as a timeless garment that every man should own. The article also goes on to show a number of shirtmakers, and their variations of the basic white shirt. We couldn’t help noticing the Thom Browne shirt below, with a rounded collar, that retails […]

Guest post: a skinny and satisfied customer

H&C’s skinny shirts stand out from the competition.     In our lives, certain facts are inescapable, and certain words, either through their accuracy or sheer repetition, come to define us.  Physically, at least, I’ve always been defined by two words: (1) skinny and (2) short (there was a time, pre-adolescence, when “cute” also applied, […]

The skinny is here!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the past year, it’s this: there are guys out there that are leaner than “lean”. Be it narrower shoulders, smaller bone structure, or simply zero percent body fat – these guys were swimming in our LEAN size. Seriously. So we went back to the lab, tinkered with a […]

CEB DSD a success!

Over the course of nearly two weeks, Corporate Executive Board (CEB), our first DSD partner, held a clothing drive for the benefit of Martha’s Outfitters. By all measures, it was a great success: Over 350 pieces of men’s clothing donated Mostly shirts, but suits, pants, belts, ties.. even shoes Most popular brands include Brooks Bros, […]