#ThankYouThursday: “Willamette”

Today we have the Williamette for our #ThankYouThursday giveaway. Our Willamette shirt is a soft poplin fabric with a Teal, Grey, and White gingham pattern. It also features our  Tall-Spread collar  which works great professionally or casually and with a variety of tie knots and sizes. Style this shirt with your favorite classic blazer and tie,  or untucked over a pair of navy blue shorts.

To enter to win your own Willamette shirt, just leave a comment in the Facebook comment box below. Good luck!


For over a year, we’ve given away a product from our shop to a customer, friend, or fan as a simple gesture: to thank you back for all your support!

#ThankYouThursday: “Willamette”
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