The History Of Menswear Told Through NYPL’S Digital Collection: Part 10

Earlier this year the New York Public Library shared 180,000 prints, maps, manuscripts, and much more in a digital public domain collection for the very first time. In it, we unearthed menswear ads from over one hundred years ago. In this series, we explore them. Discover part ten below, and find the other parts here in case you missed them.

For the well dressed man 1922

For The Well Dressed Man

In 1922, comfort was the keynote of the modern man’s wardrobe. Tightly fitted clothes gave way to those that were more loosely cut, but still shaped, like our signature tapered fit.

The article above, from NYPL’s digital collection, shares what was viewed as stylish menswear at the time during the summer, making recommendations for everything from jackets down to footwear. Comfortable clothes were seen as incredibly necessary during the American summer, as it “felt almost tropical.” However, this article cautions men not to confuse comfort with carelessness.

Double-breasted jackets were recommended, but it was deemed alright to skip the waist-coat. In addition the wing collar, with its very wide opening, was seen as undoubtedly the most correct for evening wear. Also pumps were recommended, not because were better form for evening wear than dancing shoes, but because they gave great ease in midsummer.

Today, we recommend a similar look for summer comfort that will still ensure you feel your best. Try pairing any of our unlined Seneca blazers with a Classic shirt, dark denim, and Sabahs (no pumps necessary). But what is most important about being comfortable, is that whatever you’re wearing feels true to you!

What’s a summer outfit you back to again and again?

The History Of Menswear Told Through NYPL’S Digital Collection: Part 10
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