The History Of Menswear Told Through NYPL’S Digital Collection: Part 12

Earlier this year the New York Public Library shared 180,000 prints, maps, manuscripts, and much more in a digital public domain collection for the very first time. In it, we unearthed menswear ads from over one hundred years ago. In this series, we explore them. Discover part twelve below, and find the other parts here in case you missed them.

Arrow collars and Cluett shirts 1895

Unique Styles of Men's Dress Shirts
This ad from Arrow & Cluett from over 100 years ago shows how clothes have always been an outlet for self-expression. Here they’re appealing to men’s desires to look good and set themselves apart from the crowd with ease. They explain that their products are favored by men who are both on-trend and who create stylish looks that reflect their own sophisticated taste – making them unique.

Here at Hugh & Crye, we believe in supporting your “distinguished individuality” too, with a range of versatile styles and designs. We feel that nothing you wear should be louder than your own personality.  So, we choose styles that are both timeless and modern, for example explore our take on denim. We think trends are for suckers, and you’ll never find one of our shirts to have a goofy logo or unnecessary flair.

So, while you won’t look like every other guy on the street when you wear one of our shirts, we mean that in a good way. And, you’ll be able to enjoy wearing our shirts for years to come.

What do you think the guy in the back of this ad is thinking?


The History Of Menswear Told Through NYPL’S Digital Collection: Part 12
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