The Rise of the Mankle

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You’ve seen them on the runways, you’ve seen them on the street, and they’ve even been appearing on the red carpet recently. The style once disparagingly considered a tragic fit faux pas has gone mainstream. Hence, the mankle is alive and thriving. And we’re not just talking sock-less style here — we are talking serious exposure.

Thom Browne was an early proponent, and many designers have since followed suit, shortening hems and sending cropped pants of varying lengths out into the world. Now, even major retailers like Zara and Asos are on board. It seems mankles are everywhere. So, who can pull off the extreme ankle-baring look and who should cover up? The short answer is: super skinny/very young = yes. All others best take heed and proceed cautiously.

Generally speaking, it’s a youthful look favored by hipsters and those on a Mediterranean holiday, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t roll up our slim-leg khakis and jeans just a bit, and flash a little more skin (or some brightly colored socks.) Just be sure that the rest of your look supports the casual whimsy. As we head into warmer days, think sleek trainers, boat shoes or suede loafers. Sweaters and stripes keep things lively, and a good casual cotton blazer or a simple popover is always a good idea to pull it all together.

Whatever you choose to do, always remember that context is everything when it comes to delicate matters such as these. Location, temperature and setting must always be carefully considered. In a nutshell, that which slays in Portofino may not go over quite so well at the office.

Just sayin’.

The Rise of the Mankle
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