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If you’ve ordered with us recently, namely a shirt from our new collection, it’s likely you did a double-take once you received your shirts in the mail. We made a slight change in the naming of our various fits – but the sizes are still the same, as you’d expect them to be.

  • The “Lean” size, is now “Slim”. So, if you were a Short/Lean, Average/Lean or Tall/Lean — you’re now a Short/Slim, Average/Slim, Tall/Slim, respectively.
  • The “Broad” size, is now “Athletic”. Similarly, if you were a Short/Broad, Average/Broad or Tall/Broad — you’re now a Short/Athletic, Average/Athletic, and Tall/Athletic, respectively.

Oh — if you’re a “Skinny”, nothing changes. But you already knew that (a fantastic read, from a customer of ours)

Our fit chart includes these changes.

So why’d we do it? Two reasons for this change:

1) Familiarity of the terms

  • Most guys are familiar with the terms “Slim” and “Athletic”, given their inclusion in the sizing of a few mass brands. Also, technically speaking, “Athletic” is more spot on for its fit — broad shoulders, and a bigger drop from chest to waist. If you have shape through you upper-body that resembles a “V”, chances are you’re this size. Given the terms are used more frequently, they fare better in the world of SEO/search marketing. This is important for us as we continue to grow the company through our primary channel — our website.

2) to make room for a new size (pun intended!)

  • The second reason is because we’re expanding our line (another pun!) to include a broader size than (the-previously-known-as) broad. These guys are still have shape through the body (and thus difficulty finding shirts that fit), but they’re just… how do I say…big dudes. Like football player big. If you’re in this category, stay tuned, we’re going to be rolling out this size in the coming months.

Next time you’re on our site shopping, you’ll notice these changes reflected in the size drop down box on each product page, like below.