What's Your Size?

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At Hugh & Crye we’ve always taken fit very seriously. We’re constantly fine-tuning our fits to make sure that they’re perfect and we’re adding sizes too. We really believe that sizing by the shape of your torso is a much smarter way to fit shirts. We work hard to make sure we have the right fit, we try to work equally as hard to ensure that people understand our approach to fit.

Take a look at some of our fit information below and click through to our expanded fit pages to find your size. Whether you’re new to Hugh & Crye and are unsure which size is right for you, or are already a customer and just need a refresher, there is some really great information to check out.

Skinny Fit

Matt in Short/Skinny

The Skinny Fit is for guys who are just plain skinny. That is, guys who have a slighter bone structure, narrower shoulders and arms, and a smaller drop from their chest size to waist size. Check out the expanded Skinny Fit page to see if this size is right for you.

Slim Fit

Hudson in Average/Lean

Our Slim Fit is for leaner guys who are in good shape, have a V-shaped torso where the chest and shoulder is larger than their waist, and they frankly don’t have a gut. Check out our expanded Slim Fit page to see if this size is right for you.

Athletic Fit

Michael in Tall/Athletic

Our Athletic Fit is for guys who have a more muscular upper-body and need more room in the shoulders, chest and arms but still need a fitted shirt that tapers to their waist. Check out our expanded Athletic Fit page to see if this size is right for you.

And if you are still unsure what your size is, then please feel free to email us at [email protected] with your measurement or even a picture of yourself and we’ll let you know what fit we think would work best. You can of course also just give us a call at 202-250-3807.