New Print Popovers

Comfort + Cool: The Print Popover

Introducing the Print Popover, a fitted casual shirt for the adventurous in life and style. It has short sleeves, a banded collar, quarter placket, and coconut shell buttons. It’s breezy for the end of summer, yet ideal for layering under a shirt or blazer in the cooler months. Available in eight hand-blocked or screen-printed patterns, and in our 12 signature sizes.

Print Popover Detail

Merging East Coast Prep and South Asian Custom
The popover made its debut in the US during the 1960s, and was quickly adopted by East Coast Ivy Leaguers as an alternative to the sporty polo. We took the all-American look and melded it with elements of the kurta, a garment popular in South Asia that we naturally gravitated toward during our travels in India. The banded collar and cambric cotton fabric mean less maintenance and easy travel, while the unique patterns pique the curiosity of both friends and strangers.

Making Popover

How It’s Made
It begins with fabric sourced from Jaipur, India. Unique patterns reminiscent of ancient fossils and petrified flowers are hand-printed onto yards of cambric cotton using wooden blocks or custom screens.

Next, patterns are drawn based on the Hugh & Crye sizes and then cut from the fabric at a facility in Delhi, India. The Popovers are sewn (inside out) and Hugh & Crye labels attached with a “Date of Birth” on the inside before undergoing a final inspection.

Print Popover Style
How We Wear It
Simply pop it on and pull it off. Layer it on over a tee, wear it under a button down, or throw a casual blazer on top. Let the print speak for itself by pairing it with solid colored pants (denim, khakis, and chinos work well), or be daring and mix patterns.

Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot Popover

The alleyways of Washington, DC, served as the perfect backdrop for our Print Popovers. Side streets, undiscovered dwellings, and intrepid travelers inspired the collection—hence why each Popover is named after a famous explorer.

Check out are some more behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot, and let us know what you think! Reach out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using #hughandcrye.

Shackleton PopoverLivingstone Popover
Colombo Popover Clark Popover Cousteau Popover


Friday Style, Issue #8

We’re all for taking bold risks when it comes to color and print, and this Friday Style proves that. From camo to electric blue, we kept things interesting.

The monochromatic backdrop is the mural on the side of the Capital Checkers Club at 9th and S, a DC institution since 1982. While the building itself is inconspicuous, the artwork on its side is definitely eye-catching and one of the things we love about the neighborhood we work in. 

Check out some looks from the H&C Team below, and be sure to share your own photos on Twitter or Instagram using #hughandcrye

Carl Style Jessica Style Matt Style Phil Styles James StyleGet the look (from top to bottom): Carl is wearing Mather, a soft poplin shirt with a grey and white small check pattern, and Joggers. Jessica is wearing Sal, a light blue Oxford cloth button-down. Matt is wearing Tonopah, a charcoal mid-weight twill, with turquoise pants. Phil is wearing Mendoza, a purple, navy, and white gingham.  James is wearing the Counselor with the L’Enfant blazer in navy hopsack, a Helia pocket square, camo pants, and a Jack Spade bag. 



Instagram Hugh & Crye

Best Menswear on Instagram

Check out some of our favorite Instagram photos submitted by customers, and keep sharing your own H&C styles using #hughandcrye! You could be featured in our next roundup.


Featured this Month

First row: @jonyuen and his sweet #shoefie. @citizenfrederick at our Georgetown store. @the_fashionable_man wearing an H&C pocket square.

Second row: @andrewufl classing things up in Chalky, our contrast club collar shirt. @itsdhavalpatel wearing Craven, a button-down in indigo dot chambray. @joshhobson wearing Biscayne, a washed casual shirt, over the H&C Ampersand T-Shirt.


H&C Does the Ice Bucket Challenge

In an effort to raise awareness about ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, people all across the country are participating in the #ALSIceBucketChallenge. 

DC United nominated the H&C Team yesterday, and we accepted without hesitation. Watch as the guys get soaked from head to toe on what just so happened to be one of the coolest days of the summer.

Since the campaign launched two weeks ago, the ALS Association has gained more than 150,000 new donors and $5.5 million for Lou Gehrig’s Disease research.

While dumping a bucket of freezing cold water over your head is gutsy, it’s nothing compared to the bravery of those living with ALS. We hope our participation in the Challenge and a donation from Hugh & Crye will help play a small part in the search for a cure.


We completed the #ALSIceBucketChallenge on the roof of the Wonder Bread Factory in DC. Matt, Carl, James, Pranav, and Andrew participated in the water pouring while Jessica volunteered to film it.

Ice Bucket Prep Roof #ALSIceBucketChallenge Hugh & Crye Prep #ALSIceBucketChallenge Hugh & Crye#ALSICeBucketChallenge After #ALSIceBucketChallengeJames Matt #ALSIceBucketChallenge #ALSIceBucketChallenge Hugh & Crye James Ladder Dance #ALSIceBucketChallenge #ALSIceBucketChallenge
#ALSIceBucketChallenge Hugh & Crye

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Creative Council

Join the H&C Creative Council

One of the most exciting parts of our Kickstarter is the debut of the Creative Council. It’s a customer group unlike any other that gives members the opportunity to have a greater impact on what we create here at Hugh & Crye.

Sounds awesome! How do I join? Visit our Kickstarter page and back our project. Membership to the CC is included in the Six Pack and 12 Pack rewards.

Here’s a quick run down of the benefits:

HC Creative Council



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H&C Engagement Shirt

A Virginia Proposal (and Engagement)

Our customers are extraordinary people, so to be a part of their most exciting moments, however tangentially, is pretty incredible. Here’s one recent story from a longtime H&C customer that we couldn’t help but share:

Steve R. knew surprising his beautiful and quick-witted girlfriend, Brooke, was going to be a challenge, but he pulled it off when he popped the question at Iwo Jima Memorial last month. Brooke said “yes!” and they celebrated with family members Steve had invited into town just for the occasion. Here they are after the big moment—all smiles. Steve is wearing the Sal, our light blue Oxford cloth button down.

Hugh & Crye Engagement Shirt

Were you wearing a Hugh & Crye shirt when you got married, graduated, broke a world record, or some other milestone? We want to hear about it! Send us an email with your photos, or give us a shout-out on Twitter or Instagram using #hughandcrye.


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H&C Team in Tees on the Mall

Fun on the Mall in Our New Tees

We’re a small startup, so you can bet we put in long hours. But we also never miss an opportunity to have fun on the job. When we shot our Kickstarter video for our new Fitted T-Shirts, we rented bikes from Capital Bikeshare and raced around the National Mall playing tourists for a day.

We decided to have a friendly competition to see who could do the best “trick” (aka wild jumps and clumsy gymnastics) in front of the Washington Monument, which made for some epic photos.

Phil T-Shirt Jessica T-Shirt
Pranav T-Shirt
Matt T-Shirt

Have a favorite? Comment below! And be sure to post your own Hugh & Crye style photos on Instagram using #hughandcyre.


We hit our Kickstarter goal!

We did it! Together we topped our Kickstarter goal in just over three days. It was a record-breaking launch, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our longtime customers, friends, family, and new Kickstarter fans. Thank you! Some highlights:

  • $31,032 pledged
  • 550 backers from around the world
  • 1,188 T-shirts and counting!

And we’re just getting started! Stay tuned and keep sharing our page. There are more exciting updates to come :)

–Team Hugh & Crye

Team Photo

Friday Style, Issue #7

This week was full of firsts: We launched our first Kickstarter. To fund the first T-shirt available in our 12 signature sizes. Which will be the first complex H&C garment produced in the USA.

Needless to say, things have been pretty exciting around here!

So, for this week’s Friday Style, we wanted to wear the new H&C Fitted T-shirts made in the USA. We headed out to Union Market and shot some photos after a delicious team lunch. Take a look and share your own style on Instagram using #hughandcrye.

Phil in Mallow
T-Shirt Style
Friday Style
T-Shirt Style
Andrew in Even Gray
Friday Style Carl
Matt Laugh
Carl Jump

Get the look (top to bottom): James is wearing Heraldic Blue. Phil is wearing Mallow. Jessica is wearing Even Gray. Matt is wearing Azure Blue. Pranav is also wearing Azure Blue. Andrew is wearing Even Gray. Carl is wearing Mallow.

p.s. We just reached our goal! And only three days after we launched! Thank you to the H&C customers and backers that made this happen! Stay tuned for more updates…

Team GIF

Ice Cream Men

Grown Men Eating Ice Cream

Two grown men eating ice cream cones in the DC heat. Sure, it’s a little bit awkward (especially when a beard is involved), but it’s also pretty funny. After a team lunch at Union Market to celebrate the launch of our Kickstarter, James and Andrew couldn’t resist grabbing a cone from Trickling Springs Creamery. Hilarity ensued…


DSC_1665 DSC_1670
Ice Cream

DSC_1662 DSC_1661 Ice Cream Guy