H&C Does the Ice Bucket Challenge

In an effort to raise awareness about ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, people all across the country are participating in the #ALSIceBucketChallenge. 

DC United nominated the H&C Team yesterday, and we accepted without hesitation. Watch as the guys get soaked from head to toe on what just so happened to be one of the coolest days of the summer.

Since the campaign launched two weeks ago, the ALS Association has gained more than 150,000 new donors and $5.5 million for Lou Gehrig’s Disease research.

While dumping a bucket of freezing cold water over your head is gutsy, it’s nothing compared to the bravery of those living with ALS. We hope our participation in the Challenge and a donation from Hugh & Crye will help play a small part in the search for a cure.


We completed the #ALSIceBucketChallenge on the roof of the Wonder Bread Factory in DC. Matt, Carl, James, Pranav, and Andrew participated in the water pouring while Jessica volunteered to film it.

Ice Bucket Prep Roof #ALSIceBucketChallenge Hugh & Crye Prep #ALSIceBucketChallenge Hugh & Crye#ALSICeBucketChallenge After #ALSIceBucketChallengeJames Matt #ALSIceBucketChallenge #ALSIceBucketChallenge Hugh & Crye James Ladder Dance #ALSIceBucketChallenge #ALSIceBucketChallenge
#ALSIceBucketChallenge Hugh & Crye

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Creative Council

Join the H&C Creative Council

One of the most exciting parts of our Kickstarter is the debut of the Creative Council. It’s a customer group unlike any other that gives members the opportunity to have a greater impact on what we create here at Hugh & Crye.

Sounds awesome! How do I join? Visit our Kickstarter page and back our project. Membership to the CC is included in the Six Pack and 12 Pack rewards.

Here’s a quick run down of the benefits:

HC Creative Council



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H&C Engagement Shirt

A Virginia Proposal (and Engagement)

Our customers are extraordinary people, so to be a part of their most exciting moments, however tangentially, is pretty incredible. Here’s one recent story from a longtime H&C customer that we couldn’t help but share:

Steve R. knew surprising his beautiful and quick-witted girlfriend, Brooke, was going to be a challenge, but he pulled it off when he popped the question at Iwo Jima Memorial last month. Brooke said “yes!” and they celebrated with family members Steve had invited into town just for the occasion. Here they are after the big moment—all smiles. Steve is wearing the Sal, our light blue Oxford cloth button down.

Hugh & Crye Engagement Shirt

Were you wearing a Hugh & Crye shirt when you got married, graduated, broke a world record, or some other milestone? We want to hear about it! Send us an email with your photos service@hughandcrye.com, or give us a shout-out on Twitter or Instagram using #hughandcrye.


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H&C Team in Tees on the Mall

Fun on the Mall in Our New Tees

We’re a small startup, so you can bet we put in long hours. But we also never miss an opportunity to have fun on the job. When we shot our Kickstarter video for our new Fitted T-Shirts, we rented bikes from Capital Bikeshare and raced around the National Mall playing tourists for a day.

We decided to have a friendly competition to see who could do the best “trick” (aka wild jumps and clumsy gymnastics) in front of the Washington Monument, which made for some epic photos.

Phil T-Shirt Jessica T-Shirt
Pranav T-Shirt
Matt T-Shirt

Have a favorite? Comment below! And be sure to post your own Hugh & Crye style photos on Instagram using #hughandcyre.


We hit our Kickstarter goal!

We did it! Together we topped our Kickstarter goal in just over three days. It was a record-breaking launch, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our longtime customers, friends, family, and new Kickstarter fans. Thank you! Some highlights:

  • $31,032 pledged
  • 550 backers from around the world
  • 1,188 T-shirts and counting!

And we’re just getting started! Stay tuned and keep sharing our page. There are more exciting updates to come :)

–Team Hugh & Crye

Team Photo

Friday Style, Issue #7

This week was full of firsts: We launched our first Kickstarter. To fund the first T-shirt available in our 12 signature sizes. Which will be the first complex H&C garment produced in the USA.

Needless to say, things have been pretty exciting around here!

So, for this week’s Friday Style, we wanted to wear the new H&C Fitted T-shirts made in the USA. We headed out to Union Market and shot some photos after a delicious team lunch. Take a look and share your own style on Instagram using #hughandcrye.

Phil in Mallow
T-Shirt Style
Friday Style
T-Shirt Style
Andrew in Even Gray
Friday Style Carl
Matt Laugh
Carl Jump

Get the look (top to bottom): James is wearing Heraldic Blue. Phil is wearing Mallow. Jessica is wearing Even Gray. Matt is wearing Azure Blue. Pranav is also wearing Azure Blue. Andrew is wearing Even Gray. Carl is wearing Mallow.

p.s. We just reached our goal! And only three days after we launched! Thank you to the H&C customers and backers that made this happen! Stay tuned for more updates…

Team GIF

Ice Cream Men

Grown Men Eating Ice Cream

Two grown men eating ice cream cones in the DC heat. Sure, it’s a little bit awkward (especially when a beard is involved), but it’s also pretty funny. After a team lunch at Union Market to celebrate the launch of our Kickstarter, James and Andrew couldn’t resist grabbing a cone from Trickling Springs Creamery. Hilarity ensued…


DSC_1665 DSC_1670
Ice Cream

DSC_1662 DSC_1661 Ice Cream Guy

We launched on Kickstarter!

With your help, we hope to crowd-fund the production of our new H&C Fitted T-Shirts on Kickstarter. Learn more about our story by watching the video above! And let us know what you think of our latest project by reaching out on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

–Team Hugh & Crye

T-shirt kickstarter

Made in USA T-Shirts on Kickstarter

Introducing the H&C Fitted T-Shirt! We took our signature 12 sizes and created a T-shirt unlike any other—it’s soft, fitted, and made in the USA.

We launched a Kickstarter on Tuesday to help crowd-fund the production of these tees, and the response has been incredible (70% to goal already)! We’re blown away by the support of the H&C community and guys looking for T-shirts that actually fit.

We’re really excited for this and think you will be, too! Visit our page and share with your friends. Together, we can make a better-fitting tee!

Hugh & Crye Kickstarter


Rachel & David’s Waynesboro Wedding

Ask anyone at Hugh & Crye and they’ll tell you that one of the coolest things about the job is seeing a stranger out and about wearing one of our shirts. Even after four years, we still get excited (and may or may not send a team-wide text) when we see H&C in the wild. Now, take that excitement and multiply it by 100—that’s how we feel when a guy choses to wear one of our shirts for his wedding.

Recently, David (wearing Renegade Groomsman/Bellevue) and his now wife Rachel tied the knot in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Waynesboro, VA. We reached out to Rachel and asked her a few questions about what made her big day so special. Read her responses below and enjoy a few beautiful photos shot by their friend and photographer Christian Agha.

Congrats David & Rachel!

-Team H&C


What was your favorite part of the day? It’s so hard to choose a “favorite” part of the best day of my life! But… there were a lot of moments during the ceremony that are unforgettable for me. More than anything, stepping down the aisle and seeing David for the first time will be etched in my mind forever. Not only did he look dreamy, but he was equally as emotional as I was and I knew right when I saw him that every part of this day would define my entire future with my best friend.

up close

What did you think of Davids outfit? In my totally unbiased opinion, David was the most handsome, well-dressed man in the world on October 4th, 2013. I really loved the simple, classic style of his suit. His vintage dress shoes and mint green pocket square added perfect details to the outfit. Then, of course, seeing him with his jacket off at the reception and his Hugh & Crye white shirt offsetting his perfect strawberry locks… I mean, I was swooning.
Why did you go with Hugh & Crye? One word: fit. Hugh & Crye was the perfect fit for David’s outfit because, first of all, the shirts they make come in the perfect range of sizes for all men! To this day, that white shirt is the best fitting button up I have ever seen on David. Every woman has a unique man with a unique body and we want to see them wearing what makes them look their best.  Then, of course, the pocket square was a perfect fit because of its simplicity. It added the perfect amount of color to David’s outfit. I was so ecstatic when I realized that all of the groomsmen could have different pocket squares that would coordinate perfectly with the color scheme. Hugh & Crye’s selection was absolutely unrivaled.


Did you wear H&C on your wedding day? We want to know! Email us at service@hughandcrye.com

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