Ladies Wear Hugh & Crye, too

Yes, we make menswear that fits, but over the years we’ve learned that our unique, tailored approach actually works wonderfully for women, too. Case in point: Jenn, pictured above wearing our Carolina dress shirt.

Jenn raises horses and cows on a ranch in Montana, and says that, “although ranching can be a dirty job, I like to look sharp (underneath the dirt!) Your long-sleeved button-down shirts have been exactly what I was looking for; I currently own 6 of them!”

“I am 5’10” tall and weigh 127 lbs. Regular sized women’s’ shirts are 1) always too short in the arms, 2) always too short in the torso, and 3) usually too narrow in the shoulders…I tried many brands, including Brooks Bros and Eddie Bauer, and could not find a men’s or women’s button down shirt that fit well until I tried Hugh & Crye’s men’s ‘average skinny.'”

If you have your own H&C story, we’d love to hear it! Reach out on Twitter or send an email to service@hughandcrye.


Photo credit: Robin Rogers Cloud

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Team H&C

Friday Style, Issue #12

A rather spontaneous Friday Style in LeDroit Park turned into one of our favorite shoots to date. Thanks to erratic fall weather, we were forced to get creative with our outfits. The result is a healthy mix of layered looks for a casual Friday at the office.

Take a peek below, and share your own H&C style on Instagram using #hughandcrye.

DSC_4048 DSC_4059 DSC_4066 DSC_4074DSC_4040 DSC_4090 DSC_4094

Get the look (top to bottom): James is wearing the Hampden shirt with a McComb blazer in cranberry. Andrew is wearing the Silo OCBD in eggplant. Matt is wearing the Sal button-down shirt under a L’Enfant blazer in navy hopsack with a Skellington pocket square. Carl is wearing a throwback Hugh & Crye logo tee under the Silo OCBD in olive. Jessica is wearing the Silo OCBD in white. Michael is wearing the Teton washed point collar shirt over a cotton henley. Phil is wearing Sonoma, a teal and purple gingham shirt.

Have a great weekend!

DSC_4101 DSC_4111

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Seen in the New York Times

If you read the Sunday New York Times, you’re probably familiar with On the Street—a time-honored feature of the Style section. We look forward to this weekly roundup from Bill Cunningham, a legendary photographer and H&C favorite, so you can imagine how thrilled we were to see Hugh & Crye customer Melissa Kuba Lederer featured last month! This particular On the Street highlighted the revival of the classic dress shirt at NY Fashion Week.

In case you can’t spot her in the photo above (near the bottom right-hand corner), here’s a close-up of Melissa wearing our Rockefeller shirt in Short/Skinny. We may be a menswear company, but our female customers sure know how to make our shirts look good.

Melissa, the director of design and manufacturing at jewelry manufacturer Verdura, is no stranger to the pages of the Times. A couple years ago, Bill dedicated a Reality Check to her impeccable menswear-inspired wardrobe. We’re humbled that she wears Hugh & Crye dress shirts to complement her sleek, sophisticated style.

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Zion at night

On the Road: Zion National Park

At Hugh & Crye, we share an innate curiosity and desire to explore the unknown. There’s an entire world outside the office, and we’re determined to make time to see it all and share the story.

Andrew, the man behind H&C operations, recently headed out West to Zion National Park in Utah for an annual camping trip with his fiancé and friends. They set up at Watchmen Campground and spent the first day trekking through The Narrows, a gorge with soaring 1,000-foot walls and a river running through.


The next day, they took on Angel’s Landing, a 1,488-foot rock formation overlooking Zion Canyon. The hike consisted of a series of sharp switchbacks, and the last half-mile had chain ropes secured in the rock for climbers to grip on to. It was steep and strenuous (not to mention nerve-racking), but the view at the top was well worth it.

LandingAndrew and Kelly

Andrew’s Print Popover (above) survived everything from hiking to campfire cooking to tarantula encounters. Check out more photos below.

Campfire Cooking CookingSpiderZion

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Friday Style, Issue #11

For this Friday Style, we kept things simple and shot photos near our store in Georgetown. While the neighborhood is widely known for its idyllic cobblestone streets and historic colonial architecture, it was looking particularly beautiful this rainy fall day.

The weather called for “layering,” a term that comes up a lot this time of year. For us, that means wearing blazers and soft sweaters on top of dress shirts. We’ve found it’s the best way to achieve ultimate comfort and utility without sacrificing style.

Check out the looks below, and be sure to share your own Hugh & Crye style photos on Twitter or Instagram using #hughandcrye!

Carl Friday StyleAndreMattJamesMichael

Get the look (top to bottom): Carl is wearing the Minister, a fully lined McComb blazer in brown plaid, and a pocket square. Andrew is wearing Mayfair, one of the original styles from our Classics Collection, in pink with a cozy cardigan. Matt is wearing the Carolina, a new casual blazer in sand (coming this month!), and a M. Ward pocket square. James is wearing the Loire, a mulberry and white gingham shirt, with the McComb blazer in brown plaid and Fargo pocket square. Michael—the newest member of Team H&C!—is wearing the Silo OCDB in oxblood with a new casual blazer in charcoal.

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Capitol File

H&C in Capitol File Men’s Issue

We’re excited to share the latest issue of Capitol File, a DC-based magazine, featuring “the men who are reshaping the city” (and Capitol Hill) all wearing Hugh & Crye.

These are the kind of gentlemen who embody what Hugh & Crye is all about: questioning the status quo, making your own path, and striving for greatness—whether at home, in the community, or at the office.

ROBERT RANSOMDC’s Young Guns: Formerly a pro baseball player who remodeled homes in the off-season, Robert Ransom founded The Ransom Company, a full-service construction company, in 2010, and recently filmed a pilot with HGTV. Here he’s wearing the McComb fully-lined blazer in charcoal.

CHRIS DUFFUSDC’s Young Guns: Chris Duffus (on the left), launched LEAF College Savings, which allows employers to offer college savings the way they do retirement. He’s pictured wearing the McComb blazer in blue plaid.

MATHIEU GLASSMANDC’s Young Guns: Mathieu Glassman is the only board-certified veterinary surgeon in the District. Here he’s wearing the McComb blazer in brown plaid.

Rep-Patrick-MurphyCongressional Collaboration: One of the youngest members of the house, Representative Patrick Murphy (D-FL) is pictured on the right wearing our Langdon shirt in blue.

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Camp H&C in Lake Anna

As mentioned in our recent Friday Style, the team took a couple of days last week to get away from the city and plan the future of Hugh & Crye. Here are some of our favorite moments, from hitting tennis balls into a silo to doing work in the great outdoors.

Follow the whole journey on Instagram by searching #CampHC14.

Countryside Virginia Lake Anna, VA Silo in VirginiaWorking outsideHitting home runs into a siloPlaying baseballLake Anna, VALake Anna, Va Lake Anna, VAVirginia Countryside



Guide to Dress Shirt Collar Styles

We recently launched six new styles as a part of our revamped Classics Collection—a selection of timeless, fitted dress shirts in solid white, pink, or blue. Cut from beautiful two-ply 120-count poplin, the new Classics feature crisp collars and refined finishes like brass collar stays and mother-of-pearl buttons.

In order to highlight the difference between each our of new Classics, we put together a brief guide on collars that also serves as a general #menswear refresher.


Club Collar

Our club collar is inspired by the early 20th century, when the style was considered a mainstay of the gentleman’s wardrobe. It’s a simple and classic look with a slight twist—a rounded collar. Thanks to just the right amount of interlining, the Hugh & Crye club collar sits perfectly under a jacket or alone.

The Foxhall, pictured above, has a club collar.

Kent Tall Spread in Blue

Tall Spread Collar

This is a classic American-style collar—a solid choice for both professional and casual occasions. The tall spread, “spread” referring to the space between the two points of the collar, can be worn with a variety of tie knots yet also works well unbuttoned. Our version of the tall spread collar has an extra bit of height, which gives it more prominence, especially when worn under a jacket.

The Kent, pictured above, has a tall spread collar. The Berkley, our first tuxedo shirt and a new addition to the Classics Collection, also features a tall spread collar.

Bellevue Cutaway

Cutaway Collar

The cutaway collar is our personal go-to style. It’s distinct yet versatile with a wider spread (more space between the two points) that works well with fuller tie knots and bow ties. Whether dressed up or down, the cutaway is a bit debonair without being ostentatious.

The Bellevue, pictured above, has a cutaway collar.


Tall Point 

While this remains the most common collar style found on the majority of dress shirts, the Hugh & Crye tall point collar is far from ordinary. The points of the collar are relatively close together, and therefore draw the eye to your neckwear. It’s a classic look that works well with a bold tie, or worn casually unbuttoned under a blazer.

The Logan, pictured above, has a tall point collar.


Small Spread 

In the same realm as the cutaway collar, the small spread is slightly more traditional. The space between the two collar points is subtler, and resembles a slightly flared version of the point collar. It can be worn under a blazer, with a tie, or alone. It’s the ideal choice for someone looking to expand beyond the traditional point collar, but isn’t ready for the cutaway just yet.

The Mayfair, pictured above, has a small spread collar.


For more info on other collar styles not included in our new Classics Collection (like the washed point and semi-spread), check out our complete Guide to Dress Shirt Collars and the Anatomy of a Dress Shirt. As always, if you have any questions, let us know! We’re always happy to help.


Friday Style, Issue #10

Welcome to Camp H&C 2014! The whole Hugh & Crye team spent the last few days out in Lake Anna, Virginia, for a “retreat” of sorts. The break allowed for plenty of brainstorms, ping pong, and a scenic Friday Style shoot.

We each picked a hue and created a monochromatic look by layering pieces within the same color family. The key is not to match your top and bottom exactly, but to use different shades (darker) or tones (lighter) of one base color.

Check it out below and be sure to share your own Hugh & Crye style photos on Twitter or Instagram using #hughandcrye! You could be featured in our next roundup.

DSC_3659 Jessica DSC_3732 DSC_3723 DSC_3703 DSC_3690

Get the look (top to bottom): Carl is wearing Anfield, a washed cutaway in indigo chambray. James is wearing the Silo OCBD in soft peach, a square-end tie, our new casual blazer in khaki #comingsoon, and a Jack Spade bag. Jessica is wearing Niseko, a grey herringbone twill. Matt is wearing Tonopah, a charcoal work twill. Andrew is wearing Rothschild and the Leaf square-end tie. Phil is wearing Fairlawn, a button-down from our Classics Collection, with our new casual blazer in navy #comingsoon. Pranav is wearing the Silo OCBD in charcoal.

Enjoy your weekend!


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Barboursville Vineyards

On the Road: Charlottesville

In the spirit of our new OCBD collection, James, our customer experience guy, spent a leisurely weekend in Charlottesville, VA. The one shirt he needed to transition from wine tasting at Barboursville Vineyards to cheering on UVA at a local bar? The Silo oxford cloth button-down in oxblood.

After a tasting at the 18th century Barboursville estate (favorite wines included the Octagon 2010 and Nebbiolo Reserve from 2007), James went for a walk through the vineyard, making a stop at the Landmark Ruins pictured below. The house designed by Thomas Jefferson burnt down in 1884, but remains a revered example of Palladian architecture in North America.

OCBD Barboursville Ruins


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