Hugh & Crye Explore “Synth Series 002″

Last weekend we saw some of our friends had posted pictures of a beautiful installation of colored thread on Instagram. Blues, reds, oranges and purples – vibrant yarn strung across pillars in an abandoned building. After a little digging and a great post by aCreativeDC, we found that the piece (Synth Series 002) was an installation by a pair of young DC architects who go by the name Toki. We loved what we saw from our friends and yesterday we sent two of the guys at Hugh & Crye to find the piece and explore the space.


We read the installation was somewhere in an abandoned building off the Rhode Island Metro station. After walking around for twenty minutes we matched up a building with our friends’ photos. A big, white-washed warehouse with blown out windows, it looked the part and we made our way inside.


RI metro synth series


Entering the building, we found a situation where you expected something to be right there, in the space, because you’d grown comfortable imagining it through pictures. Walking through the first floor, nothing. Second floor, nothing. Third floor, nothing.


Toki Abandoned Building


By the third floor we’d convinced ourselves we had picked the wrong spot and blown two hours of our morning. One floor to go and we hadn’t seen a trace of colored yarn. We climbed the last flight of unfinished stairs and to our excitement, a burst of color came streaming through the doorway.


Synth Series doorway view


Synth Series 002. Hello.

It’s small and it’s simple but you pause as you walk into the room.

The colors spread across four pillars in the center of the warehouse floor and the light from the broken windows cuts through the vertically layered thread.


Toki Synth Series 003 Thread


The intent of Synth Series 002, developed by young architecture graduates Tolu and Khai, is to create a visualization of sound in three dimensions. The group strives to represent the music of our daily lives in a way that is both tangible and  beautiful; they succeed, flawlessly, on both counts. It’s part Tron and part Interstellar and no matter how you cut it, it’s a visit  worth your time.


Synth Series 003 Popover


We’ll stay on the lookout for Synth 003 and, in the meantime, other people and organizations pushing the limits of creativity within the District’s borders.

Follow: @khaitect and @tolu_r for Synth Series Updates


Synth Series 003

Charlie Long Explores Synth Series 003

Toki Synth Series Installation Credits

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Hugh & Crye at Retail Night Out

Retail’s Night Out

In celebration of Small Business Week, we spent the evening of Wednesday, May 6th in the Park at the beautiful CityCenterDC at the National Retail Federation’s Retail’s Night Out. The H&C team spent the evening chatting with attendees about our Seneca unlined blazer and shirts from our Professionals Collection – two summer favorites – as well as showcasing our newest ties and pocket squares.

We met quite a few new folks, but we also really enjoyed seeing some familiar faces.  Time and time again the H&C community turns out for our events around the District, and we love seeing you there! You can check out some photos below, plus we did a special edition of Friday Style during the event.


Retail's Night Out in CityCenterDC

Retail's Night Out in CityCenterDC

Hugh & Crye at Retail Night Out

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Ask Hugh & Crye Video Series

Send us your questions!

Over the years, we’ve fielded many questions. Some simple, others not so much (e.g. “When will you start making pants?”). In order to answer your inquiries, we’ve launched a new video series cleverly called #AskHugh&Crye.

A rotating cast from Team H&C will be here every week addressing any and all of your questions regarding fit, style, trends, and anything else that comes to mind. Send your questions to @hughandcrye on Twitter #AskHughandCrye, or simply comment on the video (or even this post).

Watch the latest episode to learn more about our donation program with Martha’s Outfitters, and how you can get a discount on your next H&C shirt:




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James of H&C on Fox 5 News

There’s no question that beards are popular at Hugh & Crye HQ. But the competition for best facial hair hit a whole new level when Brightest Young Things named James one of DC’s Most Bad-Ass Lumbersexuals. In case you aren’t familiar with this term, a lumbersexual is a “metro-sexual who has the need to hold on to some outdoor based rugged-ness, thus opting to keep a finely trimmed beard.” Think Paul Bunyan meets David Beckham.

In further support of the beard trend, Fox 5 DC reached out to James for a feature on Good Day DC last week. Watch James in all his bearded glory talking shop with his fellow lumbersexuals.


DC’s lumbersexuals (left to right): Jake, James of Hugh & Crye, and Nick. James is wearing the Rushmore shirt with a Seneca blazer and Madaket pocket square.

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Eddie Redmayne Mens Health wearing Hugh & Crye

Seen on the Cover of Men’s Health

It’s pretty surreal seeing Eddie Redmayne, Oscar-winning actor and the star of “The Theory of Everything,” on the back cover of Men’s Health wearing a Hugh & Crye pocket square tucked into his Prada suit.

In the March Spring Style issue pictured here, he sports the Madaket—a navy blue square with white polka dots, made in the USA.

Eddie Redmayne in Hugh and Crye

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How to Avoid Plagiarism

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Hugh & Crye New Store

We Moved!

Our quaint Georgetown shop served us well for four years, but as the boxes slowly started taking over, it became clear we’d outgrown the space. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been packing up our old offices at WeWork and 3212 O Street to make the transition to our new home at 300 Tingey Street SE. As of Friday, we have officially moved out of Georgetown and into The Yards!

When does the new shop open? 
We’re planning a grand opening for the beginning of April. In the meantime, if you’d like to drop by for local pickup or to try a few shirts on, please do! Just give us a heads-up beforehand as we won’t be keeping regular hours. Send us a note at [email protected], Tweet us @hughandcrye, or give us a call 202-250-3807.


Check out photos from the H&C move and a first look at the new location after the jump!


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Traveler Shirt

The True Meaning of Traveler

Last year, Angie and Sean Holman did what many of us only daydream about: They quit their jobs and traveled the world. In order to keep their baggage light, they each brought just two shirts. Sean chose wisely and packed his Hugh & Crye Traveler shirt.

From Zimbabwe to India to Thailand, the shirt made its way around the world and back in one piece. It’s pretty incredible to see a shirt we designed to be the traveler’s faithful necessity truly serve its intended purpose.

“Even at the end of our trip it looked great. We just moved to California to start new jobs and he wore it on his first day,” said Angie. “I still can’t believe a shirt worn that much, washed in rivers and sinks all over the world, and squished into a backpack for a year, could stay looking so new.”

Check out Sean and Angie’s travel blog Where is Seangie? for more stories from their travels.

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The Professionals Collection

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Professionals Collection—a series of timeless dress shirts with understated patterns and semi-spread collars. In other words, shirts you wear to work.

Featuring subtle stripes and checks in a blue and white palette, the Professionals are refined yet friendly. You’re not Gordon Gekko. You’re a good dude who works hard and succeeds without having to compromise your integrity. These dress shirts were designed for you.

Named after the bustling streets of London, these shirts serve as a tribute to a city that epitomizes timeless style and tailored fit. Cut from 100% Egyptian cotton sourced from Italy, the Professionals feature back darts and the signature Hugh & Crye tapered cut for a fit that rivals custom.

Chancery Check Shirt Slim Fit


Kingsway Blue Stripe Dress Shirt


Whitehall Light Blue Stripe Dress Shirt


The Professionals Collection was photographed by Kate Warren around and above Kalorama, a historic neighborhood of Washington, DC, known for its diplomatic residences. See more photos from the shoot after the jump!


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